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8 September 2023

Glam Up Your Grin: 5 Dental Brands for a Boujie Beauty Routine

Unleash your inner celebrity smile with these 5 bougie dental care brands!

A dazzling smile isn't just a sign of good dental health; it's your secret weapon to exude confidence and charm. Elevating your dental routine isn't just about oral health; it's a lavish act of self-love that leaves you feeling bougie and fabulous every day. We've rounded up five dental care brands to upgrade your dazzling smile.

Words By Erin Visagie


First, we have the viral sensation brand, Hismile. Social media is flooded with praise for this brand’s brilliant results and affordable products. Led by the Hismile research team, alongside leading dentists and industry professionals, there’s so much to love about Hismile!

The Australian brand produces at-home teeth whitening treatments that are as effective as peroxide without the unpleasant side effects.

Taking oral care to the next level, the brand develops innovative products backed by science to enhance your smile and make you feel better.

Hismile launched in 2014, launching their first teeth whitening kit that was safe, easy to use, peroxide-free and well-loved by customers worldwide. It has built up a community of over 3 million people worldwide!

We recommend the Hi Peach Iced Tea Toothpaste, a product with ingredients that reduce sensitivity, prevent cavities, support gum health, and taste refreshing.

A great product to try is the Hismile PAP+ Teeth Whitening Kit. Effortlessly brighten your smile in 10 minutes with 1-2 treatments! With it, you will find an LED device, a mouth tray, teeth-whitening pods, and a shade guide.

Hismile Peach Iced Tea Toothpaste, $13, Sephora


Next, we have the brilliant Australian eco-friendly and vegan brand Keeko. Keeko specialises in clean, sustainable oral care and is Australia’s first plastic-certified and plastic-neutral brand.

For a clean mouth, dentists use ingredients derived from Ayurvedic medicine and native Australian botanicals. With good-for-you ingredients used in each product, like hydroxyapatite, Keeko offers eco-friendly toothbrushes and 100% recyclable toothpaste tubes, allowing you to boost your routine and protect the environment simultaneously.

Our recommendation is the Keeko Copper Tongue Scraper, aka Keeko premium copper tongue cleaner. It might seem strange to scrape your tongue, but it has many benefits, including eradicating bad breath, detoxifying your mouth, and naturally fighting bacteria.

You can whiten your teeth up to five shades in seven days with the Keeko Botanical Teeth Whitening Pen. It’s peroxide-free and gives you a brighter, whiter smile.

You can feel extra confident when your teeth are sparkling with this formula that uses gentle ingredients like Bicarbonate Soda, Cranberry, Aloe Vera, and Chamomile without harmful chemicals. Unlike other mint-flavoured products, this one has no yucky chemical taste and enhances your smile quickly.

Keeko Premium Copper Tongue Cleaner, $15, Adore Beauty

Spotlight Oral Care

Another great oral care brand to know is Spotlight Oral Care. Spotlight Oral Care is an Irish brand founded in 2016 by siblings Dr Lisa and Dr Vanessa Creaven.

Its products have been clinically proven clean, safe, and effective and do not contain toxic ingredients. A staple of this brand is its sugarcane toothpaste tubes and recycled plastic floss, all packaged in cute biodegradable boxes. It has multiple lines for different types of teeth, such as sensitive, decayed, etc.

For my sensitive teeth baddies, Spotlight Oral Care’s system for sensitive teeth helps strengthen your enamel. For sensitive teeth, it includes foaming mouthwash for deep cleaning, a serum to apply to sensitive areas, and a toothpaste that helps to build a protective layer on the outer surface of your tooth to protect the nerve.

The Sonic toothbrush is another game-changer, with three settings for deep cleaning the teeth and mouth. This toothbrush uses a high-frequency brush to get toothpaste and oxygen to hard-to-reach areas and includes three settings: sensitive, clean and intense cleaning for surface stains, so what’s not to love?

Spotlight Oral Care System For Sensitive Teeth, was $54.50 now $38.15, Beauty Bay


Are you searching for some fun toothpaste for your new boujie dental routine? Marvis is the brand for you. Italian toothpaste brand Marvis transforms toothpaste from bland to beautiful, offering a range of flavoured pastes, chic accessories, and super stylish packaging in luxurious silver tubes.

With ginger, cinnamon, liquorice and other flavourings, this apothecary range will revolutionise your daily rituals. Not only does each product whitens your teeth and adds elegance, class and style to any bathroom.

One fantastic product to try is the Concentrated Mint Mouth Wash. It’s antibacterial, minty with a touch of cinnamon, cares for your teeth, gums and tongue, makes your breath smell amazing and doesn’t dry your mouth out (cause it’s alcohol-free).

Do you want to spice up your toothpaste routine with something fun? You will need the travel creamy Matcha Tea toothpaste.

Not only is it inspired by the flavour of bubble milk tea (the origins of matcha tea), but it tastes like a delightful matcha tea blend, all while cleansing your breath, removing nasties (like plaque and tartar), and adding a bit of extra zing.

Marvis Travel Creamy Matcha Tea Toothpaste 25ml, $8.91, Cult Beauty


Lastly, check out the dentist-run brand Super Smile.

Aesthetic dentist Dr. Irwin Smigel and his wife, Lucia Smigel, founded Super Smile in 1987. Supersmile is all about whitening, breath-freshening, and cavity-fighting products guaranteed to provide oral health.

Each product is for the best oral care at home and for maintaining the beauty and health of your teeth. Supersmile products include a gentle Calprox formula made of calcium peroxide and minerals that gently whiten teeth and remove surface stains.

The easiest way to jazz up your routine is with whitening strips, so why not give the Superstrips teeth whitening-dissolving strips a go?

They’re convenient and safe, allowing for fast results and can be used as you run errands, before events or wherever. Plus, they dissolve in 15 minutes and can whiten teeth up to 8 shades in 7 days!

The experience of brushing your teeth before bed should be relaxing. Make this a reality by using Professional Whitening Relax toothpaste. Natural ingredients like hemp, melatonin, and valerian soothe the mind while gently removing staining agents such as coffee, tea, and wine.

Supersmile Superstrips Teeth Whitening Dissolving Strips, $102.90, Revolve Clothing