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Get the Look 3 December 2021

Get the Harry Style’s Style

Utterly genderless, and ultimately stylish, pop icon Harry Styles has well and truly cemented his name in the fashion world as a sartorial influence.

Over the past decade, singer, songwriter and internet boyfriend Harry Styles has become a force not only within the music industry, but also in fashion. Although much of his signature pieces are well out of price range for many, his style is often pretty easy to replicate. Anything high waisted, flared legged and 70s styled is pretty much a go to for the Harry look, coupled perfectly with a carefree and fun loving attitude.

Words By Ruby Staley


Grandma chic, all year ’round.

Since sporting JW Anderson’s iconic patchwork cardigan in a handful of his live performances, the unisex style became rapidly popular by audiences and fashion lovers alike.

For those who couldn’t foot the hefty price tag, JW Anderson published a set of do-it-yourself crocheting instructions to perfect the cards style from home.

Simply download the ‘how-to’ guide here and you can have your very own hand-made Harry styled cardigan – just like the real thing!

In addition to the classic JW Anderson option, we collected a range of similarly quirky and fun cardigans to help you perfect Harry’s style.

Although some may say it’s not the perfect time of the year for cardigans, we think these ones are worth investing in all year round.

And a statement cardigan is such a versatile piece, from a light outer layer during the warm months, to an essential under coat layer in the wintertime – a great cardi does it all.

Channel Harry and wear with wide leg trousers or jeans for a casual, laid back look, or with a pair of statement boots for something a little more outgoing.

JW Anderson Anchor Patchwork-design Cardigan, was $3,814 now $2,670, Farfetch


Although Harry himself is a huge source of inspiration for many, there are several musical and style influences that helped shape his current look.

Inspired by the fashion of Mick Jagger, Shania Twain and Stevie Nicks, Harry’s stylist Harry Lambert is constantly referencing fashion icons from previous decades through his outfitting.

Top to toe, Harry’s fans often catch him sporting an entirely printed or boldly coloured ensemble – very akin to the 70s.

From his famous entirely hot pink suit and white pussy bow blouse moment, to his frequently sported double print ensembles, Harry often embodies the best of these style periods.

Although the 70s are well and truly behind us, it’s easier than ever to revive the decade through your own wardrobe.

Of course, in a very Harry way.

Get started on the 70s look with brightly printed shirts and shorts, large aviator sunglasses that are extremely en vogue, or even a bold bowling shirt.

Mix bright pinks and oranges with muted browns for that classic disco appeal.

ASOS DESIGN Patchwork Bowling Shirt with Revere Collar, $50, ASOS


Why go for straight leg when you can have a generous flare?

An uber flattering style loved by women worldwide, the classic bell bottom pant style is now being embraced by the opposite sex.

Thanks to pop stars and fashion experimenters like Harry himself, the iconic tight up top and wide down bottom design has become one of the most widely loved pant styles in existence.

Truly one of the most flattering pant styles in existence, the classic denim bell bottoms have been worn by many for decades.

Unlike the skinny jeans of the early 2000’s, bell bottoms are ridiculously comfortable to wear and suit just about any style – from pared back, to extravagant, all the way to Harry himself.

Whether you prefer to pair your bell bottoms with a loose tee or shirt for a relaxed, everyday look, or wear a brightly coloured pair with a coordinated fitted shirt or blazer – it’s is all yours to decide.

Liberal Youth Ministry High-waisted Wide-leg Trousers, was $774 now $542, Farfetch


Welcome the long awaited come back of string pearls, all thanks to Harry.

Whether he’s borrowing from his grandmother, or slipping on modern jewels from designers; Harry’s rarely without a collection of gems, jewels and pearls.

From perfectly curated layered necklaces, to endlessly stacked rings – the only consistency with Harry’s jewels is that he never goes without.

Recently launching his own premium nail polish line called; Pleasing, Harry’s fingers are not only constantly artfully painted but decorated with sparkling metals and gems. A true sight to behold!

Easily get the Harry style by pairing mismatched jewellery pieces in your existing collection, the more vintage and eclectic the better.

If your collection isn’t up to scratch, invest in a premium pearl necklace or bracelet that you’ll wear and re-wear for years to come and a set of premium rings that you can slip on and off as you please.

Good as gold!

Hatton Labs Freshwater Pearl Embellished Bracelet, $648, Farfetch