GANNI X Levi’s: Where Quirky Meets Classic

If your autumn wardrobe is spilling with all shades of denim, it is time to rethink your staples with a touch of global energy.

Words By Matilda Lloyd

Combining heritage and emerging, American and Scandinavian, blue denim and playful print. Two contrasting brands fuse their unique styles to create a denim metamorphosis. The team at Shop Monde is bursting at the seams (literally) at the thought of this release.

Pairing up for their second collaborative edit, GANNI and Levis latest alliance is authentic, original and responsible.

Levis Jeans has been present in the fashion world for decades and has had this ability to transcend trends. Renowned as one of the world’s oldest denim brands. Levis Jeans first blew up after the creation of the infamous 501’s, which is still considered the ultimate original jean. This sparked the blue jean trend of the 90s.

Now integrate this All-American classic with Scandinavian street elegance and you have the perfect marriage of comfort and contemporary.

In the past year, GANNI has experienced exponential growth in the states and beyond. The label went viral after various influences employed the #gannigirls hashtag whilst wearing their pieces in their latest grams.

GANNI has developed a reputation for offering unconventional pieces that allow the wearer to feel unapologetic confidence. The innovative Danish brand has single-handedly reinvented the millennial uniform. Their current collections combine animal and floral print with accents of bright yellow, cowboy boots and baby doll necklines; all in an environmentally conscious way.

Drawing away from 100% denim, the 14-piece capsule is made with cottonised hemp, which feels exactly like the archetypal denim, only uses less water and fewer pesticides. Inspired by the 70s, the multicultural blend of Scandinavian style and a classic all-American style has produced an iconic denim look with a twist, with the intention to inspire authentic self-expression. This capsule is about pushing fashion to its limits, rather than following transitional trends.

GANNI has injected their effortless femininity into Levis classics to create denim excellence. We know it would not be a GANNI collaboration without unexpected details. We are seeing denim blazers, off the shoulder denim shirts with peter-pan collars and patterned denim. This combination has re-invigorated and revolutionized denim to a whole other level, and the team at Shop Monde are ready to take the leap this season.