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Brand Spotlight 8 August 2022

Future Heirlooms: 5 Jewellery Brands We’re Loving

Explore the language of the noble metals and gemstones.

It is fascinating how every piece of metal and gem can be crafted differently to carry out different stories, from the story of nature to the past, to the mythical world, to our modern days. Jewellery does not just stop at being accessories completing your outfit anymore, it could be a statement, of who you are, your spirit and your fashion sense. Everyone loves a self-expressing, magnificent piece of jewellery for their own, so let’s dive in with us to find your spirit, articulated by metals and stones.

Words By Thuy Nguyen


A story told by jewellery, a bold and courageous spirit encapsulated in each and every element – it’s the story of the Alighieri jewellery brand from London. Every piece of jewellery produced is set to inspire fearlessness on our life adventures, to feel confident and capable.

Alighieri was founded in 2014 by Rosh Mahtani, a London-based designer growing up in Zambia, Africa. The name Alighieri came from Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy” – the story of a poet lost in the woods and was confronted to bring out their courage. With a deep love for the courage she found in literature and the appreciation of her family heirloom as jewellery, Rosh Mahtani moulded the brand Alighieri.

All Alighieri’s pieces are carefully handcrafted bringing out the most genuine and free-spirited details. It is truly magical how every feature bonded splendidly. If you are into the intricacy, the elegance and the wildness, Alighieri is the one for you.

Alighieri takes responsibility as a contributor to the sustainability movement by using recycled materials. The pieces are processed in an ancient technique of wax casting.

Alighieri The Lustre of the Moon Sterling-silver Necklace, $326, Matchesfashion

Laura Lombardi

Laura Lombardi is one of the jewellery brands introducing a staple kind of design for every day and every occasion. They are minimalist and classic, but undoubtedly not bored to the eyes. Laura Lombardi’s jewellery style revolves around gold chains, how each simple chain can be crafted and cling beautifully to the other to create all the gorgeous pieces we see in their collections today.

The gold chains’ inspiration for the brand date back to the 1980s when designer Laura Lombardi’s father brought a sample of Italian gold chains to their sales office. Her admiration for chains grew as she grew, assembling lockets and lariats. In 2010, the New York-based brand was born out of her personal deep connection and enjoyment for jewellery.

Laura Lombardi’s design is the manifestation of both industrial sensation and chic feels. They counteract yet do not cancel out each other, instead, Laura knows how to bring the best out of two elements to harmonize. With the knowledge of sculpture, she experimented with different proportions and scales of chains, giving us the alluring effect of chains and curvation.

Laura Lombardi Piatta Herringbone-chain 14kt Gold-plated Necklace, $135, Matchesfashion


Gold, stones and pearls – the perfect combination used by Carou to tell the story of nature and myths in the universal language of jewellery. The brand embodies the beauty of discovery and the romance of nature. Their jewellery walks us to the stories of lost treasures, mysteries and wilderness.

Carou was founded by Cari Rou, a designer with a spirit of adventure. Cari Rou left London, spent time exploring California and Sydney, and worked in multiple cultures. With her adventurous spirit, she keeps the beauty of the world’s nuances at the heart of her jewellery brand. Her pieces are not just pieces but a deep appreciation and meaning. The brand is truly carrying Cari Rou’s spirit in every piece.

Cari Rou set every of the brand pieces to be handcrafted in a limited number to keep it unique and self-representing. Each piece is inspired by and named after different myths and natural elements. It’s sophisticatedly crafted from gold and fragments of stones. We absolutely love the natural and rough, but graceful feeling of the jewellery.

Carou Livius, $210, The Iconic

Loren Stewart

Loren Stewart is perfect for you if you are looking for a powerful piece, which is timeless, fine and majestic. Their use of gold, silver, gems and pearls is sharp and refined. It reminds us of the nostalgic era of the iconic 80s. Not only embodies the classic aesthetics, but the brand also utilised the vintage techniques of producing jewellery.

Loren Stewart was established by Rachel Loren, Satya Stewart and Annah Stewart-Zafrani. The brand started with upcycling jewellery to now owning their creativity. All their journey with the brand, they show a deep appreciation for fine materials. Every material used for each piece is carefully sourced and processed with traditional approaches, like wax and metal casting, hand tooling, vintage machines etc.

Loren Stewart offers both simple, classic daily pieces and statement pieces. These pieces, like gold chains, pearl earrings, hoops earrings, silver bracelets etc are easy to style and will not fail to bring sharpness and fanciness to your outfit. Meanwhile, the statement pieces play around more with gemstones, the luxurious charm making you feel like a queen.

Loren Stewart Watts Sterling Silver and 14-karat Gold Necklace, $1,297.92, NET-A-PORTER


We have heard so much of Korean beauty and K-Pop, now our love for Korea has extended to jewellery. Numbering is an emerging brand in recent years, bringing a very new wind to our jewellery space. Numbering takes on the modern and youthful approach to jewellery. It is contemporary yet still does not lose the timelessness element.

Noori – a Seoul-based designer is the founder of Numbering. The brand is the result of her sharing her journey of finding jewellery that would harmonize with and complement her modern and chic style. Noori inspires the brand with her adventurous and open-minded attitude. Numbering represents the spirit of a woman full of boldness and grace, deeply connects to herself and fearlessly looks to explore.

The brand’s design playfully experiments with forms and shapes. There are many trendy details and classic shapes reinterpreted creatively to become such unique pieces. Exploring their collection, we can also see many styles the brand has ventured into and transformed to their very own Numbering standard.

Numbering Silver #3910 Tennis Bracelet, $370, SSENSE