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28 August 2020

For the Love of Fashion: Glamour at Home for Men

Words By Lisa Favazzo

While your evening wear was once reserved for nights on the town, 2020 hits a little different and we all need to pivot. Plan a night with your housemates, partner or family and rekindle your love for good clothes.

Luxe Jackets

Luxe Jackets

Having fun with men’s formal wear can be a bit of a challenge. The black suit jacket gathering dust at the back of your wardrobe is undoubtedly chic. However, after months of loungewear, you’ll forgive me for suggesting a standard suit jacket might not fit the bill for a well-dressed menswear revival.

Add a little silk, satin or even velvet, into the mix for a celebration of texture and flare. It will bring a touch of opulence to your evening wear aesthetic that ought to leave you shaken, not merely stirred. We’ve brought together a selection of pieces to make you stand out from the hypothetical crowd.

Amiri Tuxedo Jacket with Satin Lapels, was $2,385 now $1,192, My Theresa

Fancy Shoes

Fancy Shoes

The men’s dress shoe sections from most fashion retailers can feel like a monotonous wall of black and brown leather. It often doesn’t get more exciting than a gold buckle or colour lace.

Perhaps isolation brings the perfect chance to experiment with something a little more daring, and push the boundaries of your fashion comfort zone from the security of your own home.

Pattered loafers and smart shoes have been on high-fashion catwalks for years. We think it’s time the every-man had a go at pulling off this trend. But if getting that dressed up is not your thing, you can always opt for a cool pair of tricked-up kicks.

We have put together a collection of audacious and stylish footwear that ranges from baroque to graphic.

Versace Black & White Barocco Loafers, $1,445, SSENSE

Quirky Bow Ties

Quirky Bow Ties

Staying home has already blurred the lines between active-wear and office-wear, why not let it take us back in time.

Elevate any old dress shirt with a bow tie. Or, make a wholehearted nod to the flamboyant men of the 18th century Europe and pair with a ruffled shirt, cane and top hat. Not only are they super fun, but they also offer a way to experiment with colour, texture and fabric without pushing yourself too far or breaking the bank.

We’ve curated a list of gorgeous pieces destined to make your next champagne infused weeknight dinner feel like a night to remember, but our favourite might just be this stylish twist on the classic piece from the most dapper of them all, Tom Ford.

Tom Ford Plaid Classic Bow Tie, was $259.00 USD now $118.00 USD, Neiman Marcus

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