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A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.
Men of Style 26 November 2021

Find Your Signature Scent

Expect an influx of compliments because you are about to start smelling like a better you.

Finding your signature scent can be a hard task, but thankfully there are now an array of scents and strengths to suit every mood and every dude. Everything from citrus to floral, spiced, fruity and woody scents are waiting and ready to claim themselves as your choice of flavour. And with Christmas upon us, there is no better time to become your fanciest, best smelling self. Say goodbye to the “do I smell” woes and hello to making a lasting impression.

Words By Kaylah Baker


There is no scent quite like citrus. While fresh and subtle, it can sometimes overlap with some fruity notes and can express the feeling of a perfect summer day.

Citrus scents are also known for increasing happiness and being one of the more uplifting smells, which is the absolute vibe of what you want to be achieving with your fragrance.

While Creed’s Original Vetiver makes aim at leaving an alluring air of freshness, the Paco Rabanne Invictus Victory is a combination fragrance with a more punchy, intense scent.

Combining deep vanilla with zesty lemon, the fragrance takes that one step further and proves sometimes mixing and matching pays off.

And defying the odds, Calvin Klein Everyone has now created a fragrant with no barriers.

Detailing the clean citrus fragrant as genderless and a true celebration of its freedom of self-expression.

If you’re ready to have a scent reminding you of a fresh cool breeze on a warm summer’s day, then citrus may just be the smell for you.

Calvin Klein CK EVERYONE Eau De Toilette Spray 100ml,$79, The Iconic


Described as a scent with more warmth and depth than most, a woody fragrance is dominated by the smells of sandalwood, pine, patchouli, cedarwood or vetiver.

Encapsulating earthy tones and the essence of being surrounded by nature, the scent provides an overall calming sensation.

Aiming to achieve a unique aroma of salty beaches, dry herbs and evergreen trees, Tom Ford’s Mandarino Di Amalfi prides itself on transporting the wearer of the perfume back to the Mediterranean.

An ideal situation many people passing by would not be opposed to.

And while some fragrances are reserved for more special occasions, the warm vanilla, cinnamon and sandalwood scents of Creed’s Original Santal perfume is a strong yet balanced flavour that can be worn all day, every day.

So, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and explore the outdoors with these scents.

Creed Viking Cologne 100ml EDP, $459, Adore Beauty


Don’t be fooled into thinking floral and a male’s signature scent are an unlikely union.

Because in actual fact, it may just be the best combination your skin has been waiting for.

Often combined with traditional masculine scents, the smell of floral fragrances can be a touch refreshing like a spring day without the hay fever.

Described as enticing and exotically seductive, the touches of rose in Tom Ford Cafe Rose gives the scent of a sweet flower without going overboard.

But if roses are not your flavour of choice, then don’t worry because Yves Saint Laurent’s L’Homme makes the transition easy through combining sweet floral scents with masculine deep woody tones.

Making the subtly blended fragrance unapologetically bold, fresh and captivating.

Tom Ford Cafe Rose EDP 50ml, $360, Oz Hair & Beauty


Fruit is a common ingredient in many perfumes, whether it be for a touch of sweetness or a citrus flavouring.

And while overpowering fruity smells were often seen as a pick for one’s younger self, this is no longer the case.

Matured for all the weddings, events and office meetings on your adult-filled calendar, there is a signature fragrance for all men wanting to embrace a dash of sweetness.

Known as modern and fresh, Hugo Boss Unlimited plays around with notes of pineapple, violet leaves, sandalwood and musk.

A nice transition for men wanting a touch of a woody scent, without having to give up the freshness of the fruity aroma.

Experimenting with the more tasteful scents, Versace Eros has used apple with a touch of vanilla musk.

A scent that will be sure to confuse your guests into thinking a delicious apple pie is awaiting them in the oven.

Versace Eros Eau De Toilette, $89, Selfridges


Spiced scents, while seductive, exotic and warm, can be a hard smell to manage sometimes.

A combination of heavier and lighter fragrances, the scent can blend a multitude of the other scent families all the while remaining faithful to being predominately about the spiced flavour.

Finding its strength in black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, saffron, coriander or cardamom the scent is as mysterious as its ingredients.

Obvious from its name, Viktor and Rolf’s Spicebomb achieves ultimate spice through its sensual undertones.

Blending top notes of grapefruit with base notes of leather, the smell is a powerful aroma for the more daring personalities.

And, while you may find your perfect signature scent in the fragrance, remember less is more.

In the words of master perfumer Jean Paul Guerlain, “perfume is the most intense form of memory”.

So, make sure you are leaving the kind of lasting impression you want to be remembered for when selecting your signature scent.

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb EDT 90ml, $145, The Iconic