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Brand Spotlight 10 August 2022

Fear of God Turns to the Essentials

The latest wardrobe must-haves.

Fear of God is a cult-favourite streetwear brand that understands just how difficult it is to find essential staples. Taking on their own unique spin of what a wardrobe staple is, the brand has introduced Fear of God Essentials; a neutrally simple collection oozing of cool, calm and casual vibes. To ensure you are always dressed for the part, we have chosen seven of our favourites from the collection to help you start building your staples.

Words By Kaylah Baker

Relaxed Hoodie

Everyone needs a staple hoodie in their wardrobe that is simple with a no-frills attitude, and that is why the Fear of God Essentials relaxed hoodie is so perfect.

Not drawing too much attention to itself, the front of the jumper is absent of any bold logos with the label choosing to make the back the focal point for any branding. A great detailing aspect for enthusiastic brand wearers that also want to remain subtle and not draw too much attention.

Available in multitude of colours, the cotton-blend fleece hoodie is also part of The Core Collection that makes up Essentials.

Off-White Relaxed Hoodie, $125, SSENSE

Twill Field Jacket

One thing you always learn as you get older and start expanding your own wardrobe is the need for a go-to jacket.

No matter the season or the weather, a jacket that sees you through it all while fitting you like a glove is all you will ever need.

Essentials field jacket is where you need to start if you haven’t found your dream match yet.

Made from cotton-blend twill, the oversized fit and rounded collar is stylish enough to see you through a cocktail event, while maintaining a laidback status that suits a Saturday brunch.

Barn Oversized Logo-Appliquéd Cotton-Blend Twill Field Jacket, £202.70, Mr Porter

Shell Jacket

Essentials shell jackets fit into one ideal category, and that is the category of sensible.

Made from 100 percent nylon, the jacket is strong and durable making it more resistant to wear and tear, and for an added bonus it is also water resistant.

We can see this jacket making its way to sports fields and on early morning hikes in no time.

To complement the shell jacket, Fear of God have also gone all out with their nylon craze and provided lovers of their collection with some matchy-matchy nylon sweatpants – available in all the neutral shades you will ever need.

Logo-Flocked Shell Jacket, £130.31, Mr Porter

Jersey Sweatpants

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely not ready to say goodbye to sweatpants and with a pair as comfortable and versatile as these cotton-blend jersey sweatpants there is no reason why you should either.

The go-to for many of us during the last few years, the Essentials slim-fit pair are street smart enough to let you wear them out without so much as a disapproving glance from those thinking comfort sweats are only for home.

The addition of the elasticated drawstring waistband, cuffs and Essentials logo is everything and more that you could want from a staple sweatpant.

Slim-Fit Tapered Logo-Flocked Cotton-Blend Jersey Sweatpants, £91.70, Mr Porter

Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are honestly just fantastic for being a versatile item of clothing that will get you through both casual and dressy events.

If you are not normally a fan of a polo then let this be the time for us to change your mind.

Perfect for the unpredictable weather of spring, that can be a mix between cool and warm, the long-sleeved polo shirt is everything that makes up the term essential.

Fit with a subtle classy label on both the front and back, the polo shirt can be best described as premium athleisure.

Logo-Flocked Cotton-Jersey Polo Shirt, £72.39, Mr Porter

Nylon shorty shorts

As we navigate out of winter and into spring very soon, this means warm sunny days are soon on the horizon, and to celebrate we are saying bring out those shorty shorts.

Short for a reason, the straight-leg taslan nylon shorts are the very definition of practical when it comes to soaking up some sunshine on your morning or afternoon runs.

Added bonus is that if the unpredictable spring weather shows a little less sun and more rain or wind, then you are also covered with the shorts being water and wind-resistant.

Logo-Appliquéd Straight-Leg Taslan Nylon Shorts, £57.92, Mr Porter

Everyday Shoe

While we love an adventurous footwear option, they are not always considered the most essential item, especially when you just need a shoe to throw on when ducking out for a coffee or to the shops.

Instead, sometimes all you need to elevate an outfit, without so much as a thought, is a classic white sneaker and this is where the simple mid-top, rounded toe Essentials sneaker comes in.

Fit with a tonal lace-up closure, padded tongue and collar, the shoe is loyal to its label’s streetwear cred and is everything you could want from an everyday shoe.

White Tennis Mid Sneakers, $450, SSENSE