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Sustainability 25 April 2022

Introducing Our Favourite NET SUSTAIN Brands at NET-A-PORTER

With the environment at the forefront of our buying habits, we want to shop brands that are committed to saving the world.

When it’s difficult to distinguish whether a brand is actually environmentally focused or just greenwashing, it’s nice to have trusted guidance. And that’s exactly where NET-A-PORTER’S consciously crafted fashion hub, aptly named NET SUSTAIN, comes in. The curated platform offers shoppers the chance to invest in brands that adopt sustainable manufacturing processes or use environmentally friendly fabrics and components.

Words By Ruby Staley


When discussing environmentally conscious design, Veja is one of those brands that always pop up.

Loved for its sleek designs and sustainable production processes, Veja as a company continually develops ways to utilise existing waste and materials for a better, more chic use than going to landfills.

The sheer focus Veja as a brand put on utilising sustainable materials is unparalleled within the industry.

To celebrate the brand’s 10th anniversary, they launched the ‘V-10’ sneakers, which are crafted from responsibly sourced white leather.

The low top design is printed with the label’s iconic logo at the heel and features a wild rubber sole that’s sustainably harvested from the Amazonian forest.

The style is simple in design, making it easy to wear, and upholds the brand’s strong sustainable conscious – a perfect representation of the legacy of the brand.

Another impeccable and good-for-the-earth design is Veja’s iconic SDU sneakers.

Made from vegan suede, the design features breathable mesh panelling that is created from recycled plastic bottles. The midsole is made from a blend of materials including sugar cane, the springy rubber sole is also sourced from the Amazonian rainforest and to top it all off, the style is lined with recycled jersey.

Although all of the Veja styles are sustainable, the award-winning Condor 2’s might just be their most environmental yet.

Developed using 100% recycled plastic bottles, they are the product of years of research and development by the brand.

Whether you like looking after the environment or wearing cool kicks, Veja is sure to put a spring back in your step.

Veja SDU Rubber-trimmed Vegan Suede and Recycled Mesh Sneakers, $176.45 – available at NET-A-PORTER


Made for those who value their comfort above all, Sleeper is a surprisingly eco brand.

Designing with intention always, the brand is led by former fashion editors Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa since 2014 after a memorable dream spent standing in a pajama factory.

Each of the collection pieces under the label is crafted using luxurious and rich fabrics, so beautiful you won’t want to just wear them to bed.

Although the brand is based around sleepwear, the team actively encourage their customers to think out of the box, wearing their pieces out of the house, on the streets, and even to formal events.

With many of their pieces being locally made and created using considered materials, Sleeper well and truly fits in with the rest of our favourite NET SUSTAIN names.

One of the brand’s best-selling designs is the ‘Atlanta’ dress, and we can see why. Its gorgeous shirred bodice and flirty balloon sleeves make it instantly synonymous with the beauty of the brand.

This piece, made locally in Kyiv, is crafted from an airy EUROPEAN FLAX® linen – making it the perfect vacay sundress for after the beach, or even a usurpingly elegant beachy bridal look.

Beyond iconic dresses, Sleeper’s signature pajama sets and matching slippers are also a fabulous way to feel beautiful, comfortable and like you’re doing your bit for the earth.

Sleeper Atlanta Off-the-shoulder Shirred Linen Midi Dress, $408.79 – available at NET-A-PORTER

Savannah Morrow

Perfect for beach lovers and elegant dressers alike, Savannah Morrow’s collections are even more beautiful than meets the eye.

Designed with a clear focus on sustainable practice, LA-based Savannah Morrow crafts pieces to compliment your body and move with you.

Utilising a nature-inspired palette – deep greens, rusty browns, and creamy whites – the designer herself describes their signature pieces as “simple, free-flowing, and forever wearable.”

Not only are each of the pieces crafted lovingly by hand, but all of Savannah Morrow’s fabrics are hand-dyed using zero-waste techniques. So not only will the pieces look amazing, but they will last tenfold over regularly produced garments.

Crafted from crinkled peace silk and bamboo blend that is both environmentally conscious, the label’s ‘Maven’ blouse is delicately decorated with flowers using a traditional block-printing technique and azo-free dyes that are less harmful to the environment.

In addition to the fabric-based garments, much of the core collection relies on delicate crocheting to achieve fully fashioned knitted designs.

One of such is the iconic Lizzie bikini top which was hand crocheted by women from Peru in a village near Lima. The love and care for their craft are shown through the sheer quality and aesthetic appeal of this piece, and many others like it.

Savannah Morrow Lizzie Crocheted Cotton Bikini Top, $239.19 – available at NET-A-PORTER

Stella McCartney

With over 150 brands on the NET SUSTAIN platform, it may seem difficult to know where to start. But, in our eyes, Stella McCartney is the perfect place.

Daughter of world-famous musician Paul McCartney, Stella made a name for herself in the fashion world since graduating from Central Saint Martins in the mid-90s.

Going on to work and gain experience at Chloé in Paris, Stella utilised her learnings around chic fashion to create her own luxury fashion label in 2001.

Defining her brand’s aesthetic, Stella describes it as “sharp tailoring, natural confidence and sexy femininity”, a belief that has remained at the core of her collections.

Since the brand’s inception over 20 years ago, the Stella McCartney name has continued to push the boundaries of luxury fashion, forever seeking to find the most environmentally friendly materials, processes and designs.

Her consistent refusal to incorporate leather or fur into her designs is a testament to this and is part of her commitment to leading “a responsible, honest, and modern company”, in her words.

Throughout the current bright, bold and on-trend range, the Stella McCartney brand makes use of innovative processes and sustainable materials including organic cotton, forest-friendly fibres, recycled polyester and regenerated cashmere to make all of its products.

Truly the perfect intersection between artisanal design and sustainable process.

Stella McCartney Falabella Zip Mini Snake-effect Vegetarian Leather Shoulder Bag, $1325 – available at NET-A-PORTER


Where simplicity and sustainability reign.

The Amsterdam-based label, founded by Helen de Kluiver, has a clear focus on foundational pieces that can be mixed into either an overflowing or a capsule wardrobe and styling in a myriad of ways.

Fuelled by a strong belief that clothing is a protective case that we layer over our bodies, CAES is committed to using only the finest and most durable fabrics in their designs.

Releasing only a few select styles each season, CAES is a perfect amalgamation of all ends of sustainable design.

Each and every CAES piece is made with strong attention to detail, which makes for less waste, a more efficient system and a smaller carbon footprint.

Overall, the design aesthetic for CAES is nothing close to basic, more chic, modern and minimal, and all utilising recycled fabrics.

The label’s iconic belted leather straight-leg pants are well worth the investment – as is the rest of the collection. With the potential to wear again and again, the pants are crafted from supple faux leather that looks great on and is nice to the environment.

As strong believers in the slow fashion movement, CAES’ beautiful designs and eco approach to production make styling sustainably incredibly easy and chic.

CAES Belted Pleated Faux Leather Straight-leg Pants, $740.36 – available at NET-A-PORTER

Faithfull The Brand

For the love of tropical-inspired design while saving the tropics – Faithfull The Brand is the perfect combination of the two.

Creating what we would call ‘elevated boho’, the Indonesia based brand creates beautiful pieces to exceed trends for lifetime wear.

Each and every Faithfull The Brand piece is hand-dyed, printed and made with love and care by talented local artisans to ensure only the highest quality and most vibrant shades.

The brand’s collections not only support local craft and community but are also incredible building blocks for a modern wardrobe.

Inspired by lush tropical spaces and the spirit of travelling, many of the pieces are bold in colour and versatile in design.

Adding a unique touch to the brand’s aesthetic profile, many of the designs are even inspired by fabrics found and gathered from vintage markets around the world.

The brand’s iconic Contessa dress is a perfect example of what Faithfull The Brand does best – beautiful design mindfully.

Handmade in Bali and crafted from European Flax®- And Oeko-Tex100®-Certified linen that’s both lightweight and enviro-conscious, the floaty silhouette is inspired by the area’s natural environment.

For a warm evening engagement or your next trip away, relax into an incredibly comfortable, beautiful and sustainable piece with Faithfull The Brand.

Faithfull The Brand Contessa Strapless Shirred Printed Linen Midi Dress, $309 – available at NET-A-PORTER