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The It List 9 January 2023

Our Favourite Deodorants to Beat Summer’s Heat

Say goodbye to body odour all summer long.

Summer is here, meaning all the fun activities and enjoying yourself under the rays of the sun are happening. Something that tags along with summer but we wish didn't get an invitation? Body odour! It’s time to lock in your deodorant game this season as it's as must-have an item as it gets, these sweaty summer months. Finding it tricky to sometimes choosing your preference in a sea of sweet smelling products? Let us help you wade through the waters with you and deep dive in finding your perfect deodorant.

Words By Thuy Nguyen

Regular Roll-on

The most common type of deodorant is without doubt, roll-on. Everyone loves a quick effortless glide on fresh out of the shower, chucking it on to kick start the day or leaving it’s compact shell in a handbag or car for easy reapplication. Roll-on is essentially strong and lasting, definitely appropriate for work, or any heavy activities that come with lots of sweat. Let us introduce you to our favourite roll-on deodorants that are well worth all the hype!

Remember the soothing and calming smell of every single Aesop store? Now imagine wrapping yourself with that essential oil kind of smell. Aesop’s roll-on deodorant and herbal deodorant both hero beautiful, natural fragrances and promise to be gentle feeling on the skin. While the original version’s formula is a blend of sage, eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary and neroli essential oils, the herbal version is of Wasabia Japonica Root Powder – reducing odour-causing bacteria. If you’re a lover of natty deodorants over ones containing nasties, Aesop is a great place to start.

If you’re looking for an unscented deodorant that wouldn’t wreck your perfume fragrance, Clinique’s Antiperspirant Deodorant is the one to try. It’s gentle but masks body odour like no other, is able to control your sweat and long-lasting yet haves a lightweight texture that feels comfortable.

Aesop Herbal Roll-On Deodorant, $35, Adore Beauty


Moving on to spray deodorant, it’s the much-needed formula for those who love a lighter feeling on the skin and constantly worry about stains on their clothes. Although the formulas are different, it is proven that roll-on and spray have no difference in their effectiveness in controlling your body odour (except of course when it comes to the ingredients that are found within each product).

We probably all are familiar with the Swiss brand Weleda, the cult favourite for producing effective and organic skincare products. Not only doing well with their skincare line (ahem Waleda SkinFood, anyone?), Weleda is scoring all the points for deodorants as well. Stay fresh with the Weleda’s Wild Rose 24h Deodorant, made with rose essential oil extract. The rose essential oil is definitely the hero here for emitting a sweet and dainty aroma, and fighting the long list of bacteria which our body odour grows from.

Leaning on more of the high-end side, we are all head over heels for the Miss Dior Deodorant Spray. While effectively taking care of your sweat and body odour, Miss Dior Deodorant, as the name suggests, offers the classic sweet and elegant fragrance of Miss Dior perfume. A worthwhile investment and the perfect compliment to the Miss Dior rage, without not overpowering whatever perfume to decide to wear on top.

Dior Miss Dior Perfumed Deodorant, $77, Myer

Natural Roll-on

If your skin is sensitive and can’t find a deodorant that is appealing to it, or you’ve noticed your skin gets dull and tired from the chemicals, this is your sign to jump on the natural alternative. Not only do they come with the full benefits of any regular deodorant, organic ingredients tend to have many more gentle effects on the skin, as well as not introducing nasties to areas which are sensitive. They are no doubt capable of giving your underarm a nice pamper if you find just the right one.

Because of the difference in how they are formulated, there are a few tips to make the most out of it when you change to natural deodorant. First thing first, don’t be afraid if you still sweat, as natural deodorants are to mask the odour, not block your sweat as an anti-perspirant does. Organic ingredients tend to allow your body to encourage the natural process of releasing toxins. It takes time for your body to adjust! If it still doesn’t work, chances are your clothes holding the bacteria!

Some of the brands that have been successful in producing effective natural deodorants are Weleda, Andalou and Eco-tan . Shop now!

Eco Tan Lemongrass Deodorant, $19.95, Myer

Natural Paste

If you’ve done some research into natural alternatives when compared to traditional ones, you probably have heard the hype about Black Chicken Remedy Axilla Deodorant Paste. Paste isn’t an all too common form of deodorant as its one of the newest formulas on the market, but we promise you’ll fall in love with its creamy and soft texture on your skin, just like we have fallen in love with Black Chicken Remedies.

There are no potentially harmful chemical ingredients, so you can say bye you any nasties. Deodorant pastes are typically made out of organic coconut oil, shea butter and other essential oils. They neutralise your underarm odour without clogging your pores and nurture the skin with hydration and vitamins.

Another highly recommended paste is No Pong All Natural Anti-Odourant, and we guarantee it’s worth the praise. The baking soda working smoothly with coconut oil and beeswax creates a protective layer on your underarm skin, yet they’re remains gentle for your skin to easily breathe.

Noosa Basics Organic Deodorant Cream Lemon Myrtle 50g, $14.95, Nourished Life