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Essentials 27 November 2021

Essentials For Your Next Summer Staycation

Is there anything more needed than a refreshing and rejuvenating summer getaway? We think not.

After a long stretch of working hard, a summer holiday is exactly what the doctor ordered. And because travelling as far as the coast has been an impossible task in the past year, we can’t recommend being a tourist in your own state enough. Forget the stress of planning and the longwinded itineraries, and pack those bags. To make it even easier, we've compiled a list of all the essentials required for the perfect low-key, mind-renewing getaway.

Words By Kaylah Baker


Making sure you have enough room for all your staycation essentials is a necessity, and so it wouldn’t be smart to start packing without a sturdy and spacious bag.

And because a hard week may call for a spontaneous last-minute getaway, it is important to make sure you have a go-to bag raring and ready to go.

From patterned prints to bold colours and wicker styled totes, there are plenty of bags on offer begging to be taken away.

Take the load off your large luggage bags that should be reserved for a trip lasting longer than a week, and savour the simplicity of a relaxed, lightly packed trip.

Not only will you have enough room for just the essentials, which can also be easily divided between compartments, but your shoulders and arms will also thank you for the light packing.

So, no matter if your preferred location is the hills, the coast or the city, there is a bag to suit everyone.

Oroton Sebastian Large Tote, $249, Oroton


With summer creeping up and the sun blaring, it is important to remember sun safety.

Available in a wide range of shapes, colours and patterns, hats are the easy to wear, fashionable accessory to adorn all summer long.

Due to becoming a sought-after accessory, many brands are now ensuring their designs become a standout statement.

For a SunSmart hat option, the bright gingham yellow Maryjane Claverol bucket hat is a deserving pick. And a perfect statement to wear with a light linen white shirt, thrown over your bathers.

Although not recommended for blaring hot days when the sun could potentially burn your scalp, the Aje. and Chloe open-crowned visor hats are too cute to pass up.

Hats are also essential for days when washing your hair takes a back seat.

The perfect must-have for all trips.

MaryJane Claverol Bridget Gingham Cotton-canvas Bucket Hat, $296.16, Net-A-Porter


Sunglasses are truly having their moment in the spotlight.

Seen paired with many highly fashionable looks at Melbourne Fashion Week outdoor runways, the accessory is a must for days spent outside.

And because fashion trends are experimenting with pops of colour, now is the time to re-stock on your favourite eye accessories.

While cat-eye looks have been notably popular this spring season, many rectangular-shaped sunglasses are also becoming an on-trend shape leading into the summer season.

Which only makes picking between the chic and sleek Oroton Alexis shades and the funky Quay Eyewear Art School shades even harder.

Despite both styles being a coveted look, there is still room for a pair of rounded sunglasses, and Stella McCartney has released the most gorgeous pair in crystal pink.

So, whatever shade shape you prefer, think bold, bright and fun.

Oroton Wilder Sunglasses, $199, Oroton


Without a doubt, shoes are always a necessity when packing for a getaway.

But because of the many days we have spent inside barefoot or wearing closed-in shoes due to unpredictable winter and spring weather, the shoe compartment of our wardrobe may need a summer refresher.

In true, summer staycation mode we have picked some of the brightest, comfiest and adorable shoes on offer this season.

Instead of going straight for those typical thongs sitting at the bottom of your shoe compartment that are waiting for December to hit, Dazie’s blue chunky slides and Aje.’s strap sandals are the perfect comfort-meets-style alternative.

To accommodate for all relaxing, fun-filled getaways, we have also included a few heels for those balmy nights out that may require a little more glam.

Don’t worry, we have steered clear of any stilettos and have selected a range of thick-heeled options.

Dazie Lexy Slides, $59.99, The Iconic


When packing for the perfect trip it is important to remember that stressing is not an option and peak relaxation and pampering is a necessity.

To really amp up the chilled mood, consider getting a place with a spa or bathtub and pack some of Endota Spa’s bath bombs.

On offer as a gift pack, we truly believe in the importance of gifting yourself with these for an overall calming retreat.

Gently roll on some Endota de-stress oil and enjoy a deeply nourishing, hydrating face mask from Estee Lauder and you will be in the perfect setting to switch off and rest your mind.

With the summer season comes dry skin, so we also recommend packing deeply hydrating and moisturising products for your body, hands, face and lips.

For those days spent lounging in the hot sun, don’t forget to pack your trusty SPF products.

Your skin will be forever thanking you.

Endota Bath Bombs Gift Pack, $40, Endota Spa