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2 March 2023

Endless Summer: Keep the Flame Alive by Cooking Outdoors

As the curtains close on the 2023 summer that was, we’re encouraging you to continue spending time outdoors, by cooking and eating there.

It’s true that Australians truly do have an affinity with preparing, cooking and enjoying communal meals outdoors. So, whether you prefer to barbeque, cook over a naked flame or simply enjoy the fruits of your labour outside the home, here’s how we’re toasting to summer and holding onto the warmth for a little longer.

Words By Brittany Lyons

For the Main Course

It’s standard that the main event in any meal is the protein or carb-load of deliciousness. This certainly reigns true when it comes to the concept of preparing a meal outdoors and pouring so much time and love into the process.

It’s absolutely true that a fire or flame draws people together, often gathering people in mesmerising circles whether it be surrounding a fire pit or some type of barbequing apparatus. Take the process of smoking meat for example, labour of love often requires hours of relentless tending to a fire and a slab of meat being cooked long and slow.

If you’re keen to try cooking over a naked flame, the Terrain Copper Fire Pit with Tray Top from Anthropologie is offers the perfect duality of a pit and barbeque when you simply add a grate to the top. A lovely way to store additional loads of firewood also comes from Anthropologie, realised as the Cece Log Holder Basket.

If you’re more comfortable with a controlled, gas flame, then a Baby Webber is the perfect portable option! Doesn’t hurt that Myer’s got them on sale at the moment, too!

Terrain Copper Fire Pit with Tray Top, US$2,298, Anthropologie

For the table

Bringing the hominess of inside to your backyard can be easy thanks to appropriately chosen tableware and lighting. It doesn’t have to feel like a camping trip just because you’re preparing, cooking and enjoying a meal outdoors.

Start to dress the perfect summery/autumnal outdoor meal setting by making your tablecloth decision. A tablecloth is the ideal and easiest way to soften up outdoor table set up that might look a little worn out from the outside elements. We love a thick and durable option like this one from Adairs. The Windsor Check Table Cloth is thick enough to absorb any table woopsies, and the check is the ideal pattern to hide them, too.

When eating outdoors the annoying presence of flies and bugs is inevitable, especially when the weather is still warm like at this time of year. To ensure pests stay away from your food, and to avoid risking contamination with toxic bug sprays, pick yourself up a food cover. The Hanoi Food Cover from Adairs is lightweight, inoffensive and very efficient at keeping flies away.

To ensure the mood lighting is on point when the sun goes down, set the tone with a battery-operated lamp like this iteration from Anthropologie. Perfect.

Ameico Flowerpot V9 Rechargeable LED Portable Table Lamp, US$315, Anthropologie

For the Chef

Compliments to the chef! No matter whether it’s usually your Dad, Mum, you or your partner who takes on the role of head chef or master of the BBQ, there are some accessories to have them looking the part!

If one thing is sure about cooking outdoors vs indoors, it’s that it can get a lot messier. To keep the cook looking their absolute best, an apron is a non-negotiable. For something that grime, grease and soot won’t adhere to, a coated fabric like this waterproofed option at Anthropologie is perfect.

Oh and remember those pesky bugs we mentioned earlier who like to test taste the food before the humans have a chance to dig in? Well cooking outdoors, standing in the one spot for an extended period of time, usually means humans are susceptible to being attacked by mosquitos, in Australia especially. To keep the annoying buggers away ensure some insect repellent is always close by. This natural remedy from Murphy’s Natural is a great balm option that goes a long way.

Country Road Xave Australian Cotton Tea Towel Pack Of 3, $34.95, Country Road

For the Salad

Just as aforementioned about the main meal being an important part of the song and dance of eating outdoors, what really makes a dish sing is the accompaniments to serve it with. When it comes to sides to enjoy with barbequed goodies and summer delicacies, a salad is the ideal place to start.

Crunchy, tangy, healthy and vibrant, we Australians love serving at least one or two salad options when enjoying a meal with friends and family outdoors. To help prepare and serve a salad side that is going to wow everyone present, we can recommend some gadgets that will make the whole process a breeze.

If you’re yet to get your hands on a salad spinner, then you need to invite one into your life! These clever contraptions make the washing and drying of leaves, veggies and even fruit an absolute dream. There is nothing worse than biting into a piece of lettuce or herb and getting a bit of grit in your mouth. The Joseph Joseph Salad Prep Set not only helps wash and spin, but also has the ability to spiralise and grate.

Country Road Theo Timber Salad Bowl, $129, The Iconic

For Somewhere to Enjoy It

A beautifully prepared meal is only as good as the environment you set and one of the most beautiful things about being able to eat outside is being able to enjoy the elements. The warm breeze, beautiful sunshine and sound of the outdoors is calming and perfect to enjoy amongst family and friends around a table. What isn’t so lovely is when the elements become too harsh, and the shelter of inside the house starts to become a better option.

To mitigate the outdoor elements interfering too much with your BBQ plans, there are a few goodies to invest in to ensure you can stay outside. One of them? An umbrella! Shield the skin and eyes of your guests and keep the heat off with a canvas umbrella that makes staying outside for long periods a breeze. The Weekend Umbrella by Basil Bangs is vibey, offers enough shade and could even accompany you to the beach, too.

Fancy a cute picnic moment out in a local park or garden? Then a picnic rug is a necessity. To keep yourself off the grass and present a perfect opportunity to display your food, we recommend picking out a picnic rug that is sizeable. The Howe Picnic Blanket from Country Road is cushiony, and big enough to fit a few of you!

Country Road Howe Picnic Blanket, $169, Country Road