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The Keys to a Good Night’s Sleep

As the year ramps up, let us not forget the importance of getting some much needed shut-eye. For a solid eight hours even Sleeping Beauty herself would be envious of, find your nighttime zen the natural way.

There is no denying sleep is important for overall health and wellbeing. If you have had a sleepless night full of tossing and turning, then you would be well aware that functioning the next day is near impossible.

Overnight rejuvenation and recovery is a must, so turn sleep from a tiresome endeavour into a blissful experience with a mix of our favourite natural, feel-good products.

To help your active mind wind-down invest in cosy, snuggly pyjamas instead of everyday loungewear. Not only are pyjamas like the sage Atmos & Here Emma set from The Iconic the pinnacle of winter comfort, but changing into designated sleepwear can also help to switch your brain into sleep mode.

A chaotic space can create a chaotic mind, so declutter and discover the minimalistic, soothing colour bedspreads on offer at Bed Threads. Made from a trans-seasonal linen blend with gender-neutral tones to please everyone, you will be day dreaming of your cosy bedroom long after you have left for the day. For elegance at its finest, Home Republic’s Pure Silk sheets from Adairs are perfection for all the silk lovers and worth the splurge.

To help your muscles relax and your nervous system calm, the wonders of magnesium, lavender and chamomile are pure magic. All the hype at the moment, they are commonly used in teas, powders, oils or mist sprays.

For the most peaceful, calming nighttime ritual, we recommend sipping on Tropeaka’s Sleep Herbal Infusion tea, spritzing yourself with Endota’s Magnesium Mist and falling asleep to the soothing In Essence oil blends dispersing from your diffuser.

Unlike Sleeping Beauty, you are a queen who deserves some much-needed uninterrupted sleep. Take control and prepare yourself for some sweet, sweet dreams.

Edit by Kaylah Baker

The Keys to a Good Night’s Sleep