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How The Inspired Unemployed Introduced R.M. Williams to the Millenials

Heritage Australian label R.M. Williams, best known for the beyond-iconic elasticised Chelsea boot, is trending again with Millenials thanks to Instagram sensations, The Inspired Unemployed.

If you’re not already following @TheInspiredUnemployed then drop everything and jump onboard this hilarious Instagram ride.

The duo, hailing from Kiama on the southern coast of NSW, are the epitome of light-hearted and relatable video content that makes us giggle (then share to all our mates).

The two behind the sketches and the almost 1 million Instagram following, Matt Ford and Jack Steele, have been catapulted into the fashion scene thanks to some pretty impressive brand alignments. Featuring in Australian GQ, Vogue, a Fendi campaign and most recently a gigantic advertising production for The Iconic, these two labourers turned influencers have certainly wet their fashion forward appetites.

In one of their more recent acts of fashion exclamations, the two are seen wearing easily identifiable boots, buckels and slacks belonging to none other than Australian icon, RM Williams.
You can experience the funky, fun and fabulous 30 second Mariah Carey doused clip here.

Don’t confuse our intention, RM Williams have remained relevant within the Australian and International quality leather accessories and apparel market for decades upon decades. What the Inspired Unemployed boys have done is remind their predominately Millennial and Gen-Z audience that the combo of the Craftsman Boot, denim pant and a great shirt is the versatile fit we all need.

The collaboration itself, what we can only interpret as a meeting of two Aussie icons supporting each other in a riotous way, is a true celebration of Australian culture.
We back this mutual support and certainly back the quality, timelessness and country-chic vibe that comes inherently with every RM Williams piece.

Shop our fave male pieces below and get on the Inspired Unemployed level.

Edit by Brittany Lyons

How The Inspired Unemployed Introduced R.M. Williams to the Millenials