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Stella McCartney X The Beatles: A Sonically Sound Collab

Sustainable and acclaimed designer Stella McCartney pays tribute to her musical lineage with a collaboration with the Beatles.

Though designer collaborations are becoming increasingly more and more frequent as of late, none can compare to the sweet familiarity and nostalgia of the Stella McCartney x The Beatles collection.

To coincide with the debut of Peter Jackson’s highly-anticipated The Beatles: Get Backdocumentary on Disney+, Stella’s launch was not only a tribute to her dad, the leading man Paul, but the entire ensemble and the iconography that became so associated with them.

Including footage from the making of the band’s final album, Let It Be, the film is a throwback to the ’60s, and the eventual end of The Beatles, and the start of everything that came next for John, George, Ringo and of course Paul – nicely linking back to this collection by his designer daughter.

Speaking of the capsule, like much of The Beatle’s signature looks, is totally unisex and inspired by the style of the ‘60’s.

From graphic tees to wide pants, each piece in the collection is produced to the same rigorous, sustainable standards as Stella McCartney’s former collections.

In both quality and design, this collab is a total departure and step up from typical ‘band merch’.

Whether you’re an admirer of Stella’s work, a die-hard Beatles fan, or just love vintage design; this collection is for you. Explore the capsule exclusive to NET-A-PORTER below.

Edit by Ruby Staley

Stella McCartney X The Beatles: A Sonically Sound Collab