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Fashionable Face Masks to Keep You Safe and Stylish

The best Monde has to offer when it comes to the 2020 face mask.

Just like a particularly unshakeable global pandemic, it looks like face masks aren’t going anywhere. Depending on where you live, face coverings are either required or recommended when leaving home and entering public settings.

So, if we’re going to be masked up for the foreseeable future, why don’t we put on something we actually like?

Just like any accompaniment to a fashion-forward look, the COVID mask should be regarded as an accessory. A civic duty accessory that also helps keep you and your community safe. How cool is that?!

Just like any great accessory, there are a plethora of shapes, fabrications and price points to choose from. Yes, the pandemic has been around long enough now for there to be a high chance of your favourite brands having their very own version of the mask.

That’s right, we can still look fabulous when donning the necessary face covering. While the surgical PPE versions are best practice for safety, stylish masks made from silk, cotton and anything in between still provide ample protection.

High end, high street or budget, we have scoured the internet for the chicest masks out there. Best to get in quick though, these things sell out almost as quickly as toilet paper at your local supermarket.

Edit by Katelyn Kalafatis

Fashionable Face Masks to Keep You Safe and Stylish