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Brand Spotlight: Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman describes her namesake label as a 'living, breathing entity' and upon delving deeply into her latest collection of vibrant separates, we could not agree more.

Mara Hoffman, native to New York City, began her foray into Fashion way back when studying the discipline at the renowned Parson’s School of Design. Swiftly following was the birth of her namesake label and introducing it to the world.

Since it’s conception in 2000, Mara Hoffman has been providing fashion appreciators around the world with clothing, swimwear and occasion-wear that is colourful, comfortable and evokes a feeling of freedom. Since day dot, Hoffman has cleverly used prints, texture and a whole lot of colour to bring her brand and clothing to life. This has remained true through the 23 odd years it’s been alive.

The evolution of the brand has been greatly influenced by the wellness and principle-led journey of the woman behind it. Practicing daily meditation, immersing herself in nature and being a self-confessed environmentalist led Hoffman to bringing the brand on a very dedicated sustainability journey. 2015 marked the time in which Mara Hoffman shifted as an entity to a strategy that operates around a sustainability framework. What does that mean? Great question.

Mara Hoffman have committed themselves wholly to gear their innovative design and manufacturing practices, responsible fabric and material selection, and increased contributions to, and participation in, social justice movements to adhere to specific considered codes that reduce their carbon footprint.

Considering all of these environmentally-fuelled initiatives you can expect all garments by Mara Hoffman to fit within the ‘luxury’ category, but let us tell you, they are well worth the high-end price tag. Not only does each seperate from the brand give you sustainability peace of mind but each is a representation of exquisite artistry. We mean that.

The latest collection from Mara Hoffman, Spring 2023, is filled with fun, flounce and a textural Tencel fabric that might tug on your nostalgic heartstrings. We’re obsessed with the Ramona Dress in Multi.

Today Mara Hoffman offers a curation of clothing, swimmer and bridal designed to enjoy as you work, play, relax, dance, and love. A true compound of expression, creativity, and empowerment. Shop some of our favourites below.

Edit by Brittany Lyons

Brand Spotlight: Mara Hoffman