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Brand Spotlight: Loeffler Randall

Passion project turned global brand, founder of Loeffler Randall, Jessie Randall is here to show the world there is no limit for what a woman can achieve when she puts her mind to something. With a majority female team, the brand designs for women from the understanding of what all women leading busy lives need.

Starting from a vision to create shoes that were a “natural extension of [her] own style – understated, elegant and effortless”, Jessie Randall continues to prove how fashion forward the brand is in making accessories that not only compliment an outfit but rather complete it.

Founded in 2004, by Jessie Randall and her husband Brian Murphy in their Brooklyn apartment, Loeffler Randall has truly made a name for itself. The unique brand not only has an online store, a physical store, an Instagram following of 305k followers, but can also be found on various online stores such as Net-A-Porter, The Iconic and Shopbop. A small feat by no means for this family business.

Known for their iconic shoes, Loeffler Randall’s Camellia and Penny bow heels are made with the kind of finesse only one could dream of achieving. Each signature pair is made with over 400 pleats, run through two machines for a toothpick pleat finish and completed with a hand tied bow for a unique look that is rare to find in fashion brands today.

A masterpiece to look at, the heels are a true representation of the time, effort and perfection put into each individual shoe. Ranging from pearl, to gold and rose gold, all the way through to leopard print, baby blue, peach and emerald green, there is a colour to suit every look.

So, for a pop of colour to brighten your outfit or a unique flair on your wedding day, the heels are a stylish success. But if heels are not for you, then Loeffler Randall has also branched out with various sneakers, flats and boots. Continuing to prove Jessie Randall has an eye for unique detailing.

And while we will always have a special place in our heart for the signature shoes on offer, it would be near impossible to turn our heads on the beautiful array of handbags, jewellery, apparel and hats now making up the brand. Working within their colour palette, Loeffler Randall continues to play with floral prints, pastel shades and neutral tones for quintessential elegance.

Staying true to their vision to remain unique through effortless styling, Loeffler Randall products escape falling in and out of the trends, and instead continue to be timeless, keepsake gems for special moments.

And for moments you will want to remember, with accessories specifically made with you in mind, we can’t emphasise enough how much you need this brand in your wardrobe.

Edit by Kaylah Baker

Brand Spotlight: Loeffler Randall