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On Our Radar 28 November 2022

Eco-Friendly Decorations, Christmas Edition

We're dreaming of a green Christmas here at Monde!

December is officially here, and that means it’s time to lighten up our home with Christmas’s magic. In 2022, let vow to make Christmas a little different - greener and less wasteful. With just small changes in the way we shop, we can create a Christmas gentler on our planet.

Words By Thuy Nguyen

Christmas Tree

Nothing quite brings such Christmas spirit and joy as putting up and decorating the Christmas tree. This Christmas, let us take you on a sleigh ride to the land of eco-friendly Christmas trees. Think sustainable, think biodegradable, think creativly.

Start with a modern option, Christmas tree made out of pinewood that you can arrange the branches your way. It is perfect if you’re into a minimalistic look this season. You can even find made-to-order wooden trees, with different colours or sizes to suit your home. The best bit? You can use and reuse for years and decades to come.

Another sustainable choice could be trees that work as wall-hanging decoration pieces. We’ve found you a beautiful Macrame Christmas Tree to give a boho aesthetic to your home, or a Wooden Wall Hanging Tree that you can easily re-purpose as a hanger after the holiday.

If you want to go for a biodegradable tree, cardboard and felt are the ideal material. These options also bring extra fun for kids to decorate. Make a memorable Christmas with an art and craft session to jazz your Christmas tree up!

Meergeschenke Driftwood Tree, $46.68, Etsy


An absolutely essential Christmas decoration for your tree, hallway or staircase is a garland, but traditional tinsel and plastic garlands are definitely not gentle enough on our environment.

If you’re someone that loves to change decoration themes and try different looks each year, let’s think biodegradable materials, like wool felt or paper. Paper-made garlands are easy to sort for in various designs, colours, shapes etc. Support Australian business and Australia’s wildlife with Australian animals and bird themed garlands. Some are even taken to another level of hand-crafting, like Paper Beads Garlands and Origami Garlands.

You’d like something quirky but still on the sustainable path? Etsy is just the place to go. Have you ever thought of using organic products as garlands? You can find unique hand-made garlands from dried orange, cinnamon and pinecone.

These options guarantee a green Christmas, yet will not fail to impress you or any of your guests.

2aboverubies Paper Bead Christmas Decoration, $14.49, Etsy


Time to decorate our Christmas tree! While it may seem overwhelming with all sets of gorgeous plastic baubles everywhere, we have scoured the internet for some of the most outstanding alternatives. Not only can they function exactly like plastic baubles, just without the plastic, but they can also bring some personality to your yearly Christmas glow-up.

Sticking with the biodegradable theme, you’d be surprised with how paper can be transformed into different beautiful shapes. Sellers are using different techniques like weaving paper strips coated with eco-friendly sealant, quilling, origami, and paper sculpturing. Whether you’d like the traditional bauble shapes or something out of the ordinary, you won’t be disappointed with paper baubles.

Some other more durable and and sustainable options are recycled fabric and felt baubles. Pinecone and dried organic products are also the ideal options to make your tree stand out with no guilt of wastefulness.

Meergeschenke Cone Bauble, $28.17, Etsy

Wrapping & Gift Tags

Opening presents on Christmas Day is a big part of everyone’s holiday ritual, but that often comes with a pile of scrunched-up wrapping paper on the floor. This season, let’s look at some alternatives to save you from throwing out a mountain of environmentally hazardous materials.

Get yourself familiar with Furoshiki – the Japanese traditional wrapping method with fabric. It has been around for about 1200 years as a way of transporting goods and wrapping clothes. Now it’s becoming popular as an artistic and environmentally friendly gift wrapping alternative. It is versatile and thoughtful – you can choose the fabric according to the person’s aesthetics. Not only does it come with the gift inside as an extra and reusable wrapping, but it also introduces the receiver to this beautiful and eco-friendly gift-wrapping method!

An amazing alternative to normal gift tags is plantable seed gift tags. It goes a step further than its original function – the ability to safely decompose and even turn into something that we can give back to nature as well as a bonus gift!

JoniqueCo Set of 3 Furoshiki Reusable Gift Wrap Linen, $34.50, Etsy