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How To 28 October 2021

Create an Oasis at Home Without a Green Thumb

The toolkit necessary to make any budding gardener a pro at keeping plants alive, and thriving.

Whether you’re looking to soften a space with some greenery, grow your own herbs or save some cash on bouquets by growing your own, these are the items necessary for keeping a thriving plant collection alive. We could spend an entire Saturday afternoon sifting through Pinterest and Instagram falling madly for interior shots full to the brim with healthy looking monstera, Ficus and cascading ivy. If you haven’t been blessed with a green thumb, this type of activity will absolutely be leaving you green with envy. We’re here to prove that a thriving plant life without a green thumb is achievable. Here’s how…

Words By Brittany Lyons


Nothing is more frustrating than having to fork out a handful of dollars for herbs at a supermarket, usually encased in hard unrecyclable plastics, when it literally grows in your neighbour’s garden.

Growing your own cohort of edible goodies is economical, environmentally conscious and, better yet, easy!

Firstly, it’s important to choose your desired edible goodies to dedicate this nurturing time to. Basil? Coriander? Perhaps something heartier like a tomato? Whatever you choose, purchase the seeds that will deliver a little version of that!

One of the most important components that will dictate your success when growing edible goodies is timing. Fruits, veggies and some herbs are completely seasonal. Dependent on where you live (climate) or where you’re planting (inside or outside) you must adhere to the right seasons for your crops. Good news is that there are books and charts to help with this! Phew.

We’re here to happily proclaim that growing herbs and edible greens is not only easy, but you hardly need any space to do so. See these Terrain Troughs below from Anthropologie sit perfectly on the interior of a window, no balcony or backyard necessary!

Settler Home Edible Flowers & Micro Greens Seed Set, $49, Aura Home


Bring life to colour and colour to life through the vehicle of blooming flowers. Growing your very own bouquets is a fabulous way to bring vibrance into your home and garden.

Contrary to what you may believe, growing flowers can actually be super easy, and their bounty is of course super rewarding, fragrant and beautiful!

First things first, we need to determine which flowers you’re going to fill your space with. The best way to do so if by having a flower encyclopedia at the ready, we love this one by Clare Nolan titled ‘In Bloom’. Just like edible plants, choosing to grow flowers to your specific climate is key, so make sure this is coming into consideration prior to planting.

Whether you’re growing from seed or seedlings, flowers require a rich soil and lots of sun. When deciding where to plant your blooms, ensure you’re considering the correct environment to set you up for blooming success.

One of our favourite parts about growing flowers at home is being able to display them around the space with ease. Just like cut flowers in a vase, growing flowers in a beautiful pot or basket really creates a centrepiece to bring joy and light. We especially love pots and plant stands from our friends at Aura Home and Adairs.

Home Republic Santana Sage Plant Stand, $69.99, Adairs


If you’re not into growing your food, and not a flower fanatic, you’re probably going to be partial to plants that bring a sea of green into your space.

Foliage is a sure-fire way of adding a softness and contemporary feel to the home and is a fun little project for the whole family.

In recent years we’ve seen trends of different house plants gain notoriety. The monstera, fiddle leaf fig and weeping fig have all been popular additions to the living spaces of city dwellers for some years now.

For those who struggle to keep house plants alive, we recommend doing your research before you make your plant purchase. We love doing our research in beautifully presented coffee table books filled to the brim with amazing photography and information on varieties of plants. Myer have a spectacular collection of informative books focusing on plant varieties available in Australia!

When it comes tending to your little green babies, accessories are not necessarily essential but certainly make the hobby a little more fun. Beautiful ceramic pots and saucers, watering cans and even a little squishy mat for your knees when you’re repotting will make your new hobby an especially immersive experience.

BACSAC Venitian Terracotta Watering Can, $128, Amara