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Interiors 27 March 2023

Cosy Up Your Space this Autumn with a New Rug

Welcome Autumn with a new rug.

As the temperatures begin to drop and the layers begin to build, here’s a gentle reminder that a rug can add so much warmth to your space. Get to know our curation of rugs of different shapes, sizes and textures, below.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Area Rugs

One of the best ways to add literal and figurative warmth to a large area is with a rug. An area rug is one that is sizeable in nature and covers almost the entire area of a room (makes sense, right?).

One of the most common ways to incorporate an area run into your home is to add one to your living space. No matter whether the flooring in your lounge is hardwood, or already carpeted, an area rug will add an element of texture and warm layering to the space.

Simply decide upon the right size and colouring to compliment your living area, which may be a task harder than it seems, and go from there. When sizing up your area, its crucial to consider that at least 2 corners of the 4 should be anchored by a large piece of furniture like a couch or a table. This is to ensure no slip and seamless integration!

When it comes to area rugs, retailers such as Adairs (here in Australia) and Anthropologie offer options both affordable and luxurious, in colours that are plentiful! A personal favourite is the Matilda Goad & Co. Tufted Plaid rug from Anthropologie, it’s scalloped edges and muted tones are inoffensive and fun!

Cold Picnic Off-White Delicate Matters Rug, $1,020, SSENSE

Jute Rugs

The rug of choice for those whose home is curated with natural fibres and tones, has got to be the Jute Rug. Jute, a plant that produces a bark that is used in many different practices such as weaving, is a hearty and earthy product. Its natural appearance is rough, light brown in colour and very fibrous.

Jute rugs have always been very popular, especially amongst homes favouring natural tones or coastal vibes, and are usually more inexpensive when compared to rugs woven in wool or soft fibres. Whilst jute rugs are considerably less comfy underfoot when compared to something made from wool, you can find ones that are crafted with finer fibres that feel more luxurious!

Take the Flatwoven Tatum Rug from Anthropologie for example, it’s intricate construction and tightly woven base would be great underfoot as the yarns look nice and thin!

To add a bit of flare and fun, especially great for a child’s bedroom, we love the Scalloped Jute Harley Rug. The pop of colour to the edges of the rug add definition and the shape would make it a great designated play mat for any little one.

Anthropologie Flatwoven Tatum Rug, was US$68 now US$54.40, Anthropologie

Hallway Runners

Just like an area rug’s dimensions require it to be large and rectangular or square, a rug for a hallway must be long and thin. Usually, a hallway runner sits by itself from the front door, along the length of a hallway. It’s not necessarily going to be anchored by furniture due to the confined space, so a mat to ensure it doesn’t move underneath is a great move!

The addition of a rug to a hallway is a great way to establish an immediate look and feel to a home as it’s one of the first things you’ll see after opening the front door, first impressions matter! So, ensure you’re going for something that fits your home, perfectly.

For a window into a modern home filled with curvy furniture and pops of colour, the runner of choice would certainly be the OKEJ x SSENSE Exclusive number in purple below. Its animated appeal is certainly a first-impression maker, and we love it.

For something a little more traditional, the Kilim Cotton Carpet Runner from Etsy is a great contender. Relying on traditional weaving techniques and a simple yet timeless motif, this runner would look great to greet visitors to most homes.

Marcello Velho Tufted Take Shape Rug, was US$1,498 now US$1,198.40, Anthropologie

Shag Rugs

In a league of their own, the shag is the textural and retro sub-category of rug that tugs on the heartstrings of those with an affinity for the 1970’s.

Defined by their thick and long pile that sits a top, a shag rug should have fibres that exceed a few centimetres in height. You should be able to run your fingers through the shag and it feel like an amazing tuft of softness!

Shag rugs have always had a way of making their way back into the ‘whats hot’ list of interior design. Like a cyclical style that will never be out, not only are we inherent fans of the shag, but we think one is a great investment no matter what is trending at the time of purchase.

For textural and impeccable colour choices, we are swooning over the Maman Pink & Green Darya Rug shoppable at SSENSE. The checked rug had a big moment a couple of years ago but don’t let that deter you, we think it’s still relevant and very chic!

If retro is your thing, then lean into it, baby! The Handmade Small Retro Rug from Etsy is a time portal to the 70’s and the psychedelic colouring is so fun and groovy.

Maman Rugs Pink & Green Darya Rug, was $1,305 now $431, SSENSE