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On Our Radar 16 July 2020

The Complete Guide to Sheet Masks

One of the best ways to mimic an in-clinic treatment at-home is through the use of a sheet mask

Typically made from a cellulose or bamboo fibre, sheet masks are a fabulous way of injecting a whole lot of serums onto the skin all at once. Different sheet masks target different concerns, so look out for one that speaks to what you’re trying to achieve. For extra plumpness and soothing, keep your sheet masks in the fridge up until use to help the cool temperature de-puff the skin.

Words By Brittany Lyons


Lock in that glow with a sheet mask jam packed full of super hydrating actives such as hyaluronic acid, glycerine and natural oils.

These masks are 100% a Friday night mask rather than a Sunday night mask. Meaning? These masks have been formulated to infuse a whole lot of moisture into your skin, leaving it glowy and plump following. It would be such a shame to then head to bed.

Perfect as a base underneath your Friday night makeup look to shine from within, or as a hit of hydration post detoxifying treatment. The humectant ingredients soaked into the cloth will ensure any serums or treatments used post will be heavily absorbed. For this reason, make sure you follow with your most-loved products to lock in the dewy goodness.

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask, $35, Charlotte Tilbury



Plump and hydrate your skin with the help of our skins naturally producing protein, collagen. These sheet masks are packed with enriched antioxidants to improve skin elasticity, firmness and hydration for a smoother look and feel.

Especially great for those with dry, dehydrated, sensitive and sun damaged skin, these pro-biotic and pre-biotic soaked sheet masks guarantee glowy, quenched and revitalised skin.

Feel the firming effects straight away, and don’t forget to tap excess serum onto the skin after removing the sheet. The supercharged serums should be brought all the way down your décolletage, down to the top of the chest.

Remember to NOT wash your face following. Give the ingredients time to seep into the deep dermal layers, and do their job.

Dr Dennis Gross C+Collagen Biocellulose Brightening Treatment Mask, £17, Cult Beauty


Specifically targeted at ageing skin, this curation of sheet masks helps with a whole myriad of concerns associated with mature skin types.

A great rewind for fine lines and wrinkles, you will notice a dramatically younger-looking complexion without having to rely on cosmetic injectable treatments.

Radiate from underneath by prepping your skin with one of these pre-event. Whatever products you layer on post mask, will be deeply penetrated and ensure maximum effect, this is the case for nightly or pre-makeup skincare.

Smooth out your lines and achieve a flawless base by applying a sheet mask pre-makeup application. Proven to enhance skin elasticity, say goodbye to annoying lines and wrinkles with these time-turning tricks.

Edible Beauty Express Bloom of Youth Infusion Mask, $59, Adore Beauty


Relying on purifying ingredients such as charcoal and clay, the job of these sheet masks is to draw out impurities from deep within the dermal layers.

Perfect for those prone to acne or congestion, the addition of the occasional purification supercharge will ensure build up in the skin is brought to the surface
Clear your complexion of dirt, makeup, oil and impurities as well as minimising the visible appearance of pores.

It’s recommended to add in a purifying or detoxifying mask to your routine two to three times per week to keep those build-ups at bay.

Leaving the skin feeling deeply cleansed and detoxified, follow the process with your favourite serums to renourish the skin with the goodness it seeks.

Caolion Pore Refining Sheet Mask, $10, Sephora


Packed to the brim with vitamin c, peptides and other actives, brightening masks are engineered for those suffering from different forms of pigmentation or uneven skin tone.

With the help of a cocktail of chemical exfoliants, dark spots from blemishes, hormone imbalances or sun damage will be dramatically lightened. Best to be used in the morning, brightening sheet masks should be used two to three times per week to experience full results.

Importantly, SPF during the day is a must if you’re trying to tackle pigmentation and reduce the chances of getting any more.

A brightening mask is also great as a post-holiday treatment (if you got lots of sun) or before a big event to brighten, plump and moisturise your skin.

111SKIN Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask, $188.35, Net-A-Porter