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Brand Spotlight 19 February 2022

Californian Living, Minus the Flight

Transport yourself away to a resort oasis with all things Palm Angels.

Palm Angels have released their latest Summer Spring 2022 collection in a way that encapsulates all things sunshine, palm trees and Venice Beach. From palm-tree printed hoodies, to checked over shirts and printed shark shirts, Palm Angels latest streetwear is all things luxe. And we are not complaining because there is now a way to exude a pure Californian beach-style mood without moving away from our postcode. So, for an escape without the plane ticket and covid restrictions, buckle up with Palm Angels.

Words By Kaylah Baker

Ocean Blues

Founded in 2015 by Francesco Ragazzi, Palm Angels has become a cult designer streetwear brand.

A favourite all around the world, the popular brand exudes classic American beach-side style with a splash of European class.

And is there anything that resembles a Californian warm coastal lifestyle more than a blue ocean? Here at Monde, we think not.

While the latest summer spring collection features an array of long sleeved clothing choices – a debatable choice when it comes to sunbaking on the sand – the style ties in well with the Australian upcoming Autumn season.

Perfect for nights by the sea, the new season PXP logo-patch jumper is both classic and understated in the best possible way.

For something a little more casual, that taps into skate culture, the checked shirt is perfect to throw over a casual tee.

Simple in approach, the boldness of the brand is represented through the contrasting white tones of the gothic logo lettering on the back.

A notable choice that the brand continues to exhibit when dabbling on the line of everyday casual wear and proudly confident show stopping attire.

But no matter the way they choose to go, we can’t argue that Palm Angels definitely know how to execute a desired street look.

Palm Angels Curved-logo Checked Overshirt, $1,585, Farfetch

Calm Neutrals

Palm Angels is a brand that manages to accomplish two things in its time of being around – genderless clothing and ageless looks.

Understanding that particular clothing items are for whoever wants to wear them, regardless of their age or sex, Palm Angels neutral shades are perfect for people are more comfortable with a little less bold colour in their attire.

But because the brand never does things by halves, their neutral shaded attire never crosses into being considered boring or simple.

As a designer who appreciates bold prints and motifs, Francesco has leant on these very two things in his latest collection.

And has managed to achieve looks that ooze nineties LA streetwear with his teddy bear motif grey cotton shirts and black sweatshirts, and black shirts fitted with the newly revealed shark motif.

While the latest collection showcases many new desired looks for streetwear obsessed lovers of the brand, Palm Angels understands the power in being loyal to their past designs.

Re-releasing their signature Palm Angels design of the sprayed graffiti-effect logo on a basic white tee.

For an outrageously bold and playful look, pair with the parrot-print track shorts and watch as you prove that neutral shades of clothing is where adventurous styling begins.

Palm Angels Bear-print T-shirt, $375, Farfetch

Sunshine Shades

It takes the right kind of man to wear a bold shade proudly and correctly. And to be honest, more men should be doing so.

Yellow is the perfect shade to represent summer and all things that accompany the lifestyle of a Palm Angels man.

Finding inspiration for the name from a photo he took of a skateboarder skating to the backdrop of a perfect Venice Beach sunset and palm trees, Francesco believed in the vision of his brand and the lifestyle it represented.

Resembling the mood board colour palette of a sunset, the Palm Angels’ tropical-print bucket hat is a must-have.

Not purely for its perfect Hawaii-inspired pattern but because it is also a collaboration product of Moncler and Palm Angels.

With Palm Angels’ prominent aesthetic and Moncler’s five-star craftsmanship, what more could one ask for.

In keeping with the brands personal vision, Palm Angels has included an array of bold yellow accessories for their committed followers, fitted with their iconic gothic lettering sprawled over the products.

But most interestingly is the brands obsession with motifs throughout their pieces.

For the SS22 collection, they have introduced the figure of a shark and it completes their bold yellow hoodie in the most chaotic, attention-grabbing way.

Palm Angels Embroidered-shark Motif Hoodie, $1,235, Farfetch

Hot as Red

Red is definitely having its moment in the sun, and Palm Angels seem to agree.

Taking a thing or two from the classic ‘juicy couture’ era of matching tracksuits in the early noughties, Palm Angels have their very own matching tracksuit number.

One of the brand’s most coveted combinations, Palm Angels have included the tracksuits in their SS22 collection in an array of shades.

Identifiable from the printed gothic logo on the front of the jacket and pants and the bold white stripes lining the arms and legs, Palm Angels’ very own “juicy suit” is in a league of its own.

But, a personal favourite of the collection would have to be the PA Bear striped red and black jumper.

Using their most trusted motif of the broken Palm Angels’ teddy bear on the front and combining it with the frayed iteration of the gothic logo on the back, the jumper is a contrasting masterpiece.

The teddy bear is by far the most celebrated motif of the brand that they even released a Teddy Bear collectible for their 2021 Autumn Winter collection.

To turn the look from cute to chic and elevate the look, add a Palm Tree buckle tote bag.

Palm Angels PA Bear Striped Jumper, $1,585, Farfetch