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3 July 2020

Brand Spotlight: Maison Balzac

French inspired glassware and home fragrances to transform your home.

The beautiful scent and soothing mood inspiring products synonymous to Sydney’s Maison Balzac have arrived. Designed for everyday enjoyment, this collection promises the permeation of serenity throughout the home.

Words By Brittany Lyons


Inspired by a childhood spent along the Cote D’azur, creator Elise Pioch has immortalised her early memories immersed in French landscape and aroma. Paying homage to the names of her grandparents, Pioch’s Maison Balzac beautifully fuses French fragrance with modernist and playful Australian design.

With makers and perfumers in Australia, France, Japan and Mongolia, Pioch curates a range of signature scents that evoke olfactive memories and experiences. Soft florals, as well as monastic scents of sandalwood and frankincense, stand as key notes throughout.

The extensive fragrance library within the range of candles is dynamic enough to cater for any taste. Crafted with a base of soy, these candles rely on premium essential oils to permeate their fragrance. With a variety of burn times available, you have some decisions to make.

The smaller trio sets are a brilliant way to dip your toes into a few fragrance profiles before committing to one, and also stand as a fabulous gifting idea for those who appreciate the luxuries in life.

Maison Balzac Bonne Journee Candle Trio Set 3, $69, Adore Beauty

Home Fragrance

Home Fragrance

For those preferring alternatives to the candle, you are spoilt for choice whatever your desired vehicle of scent. Premium incense, room sprays and scented oils to be burnt over a tea light flame are all on offer;

The new-age of incense is anything but pure luxury. Made in Japan from high-quality materials, each of these sticks will burn for 25 minutes and scent your space for a lingering few hours.

Essential Oils are exceptionally multi-purpose, and exactly what you need to bring a soothing, luxurious touch to your self-care routine. These sensual elixirs of scent are great in a bath’s water, mixed with body balms or carried in a vaporiser or oil burner.

For those who prefer something a little more immediate and lingering, room sprays are the best alternative. Described as scented water, the collection of room sprays have been created to deepen the before-bed wind-down.

Maison Balzac Oil Burner, $59, Aura Home



Arguably the most beautiful products in Maison Balzac’s small but eternally-chic collection are its glassware pieces.

If like me, you’re an avid collector of vibrantly coloured glass, then chances are you’ll have a profound appreciation for Maison Balzac’s coveted glassware. Culminating as a range of tableware and fragrance accessories, these handmade works of art are the perfect gift (for yourself or a loved one).

Created as a vessel for the Maison Balzac signature scents, oil burners and incense holders help the fragrant hues permeate throughout your house. For the table; flutes, tumblers and glasses will brighten up any sit-down occasion.

Referring to the glass pieces as “delicate objects”, it’s clear Pioch has intended them to be much more than their primary purpose. Sitting beautifully on a nightstand or as a styling piece to any home surface, this amber, rose and smoke-muted toned figures will quickly bring on the desire to start your collection.

Maison Balzac Champagne Flutes Set of 2 – Amber $79, Aura Home


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