Brand Spotlight: Loewe

Why everyone is talking about Loewe

Under the creative direction of Jonathan Anderson, this heritage Spanish luxury brand is having its moment in the sun.

Words By Eva Marchingo

As one of the oldest and biggest luxury fashion houses, Loewe has a rich history of artisanal craftsmanship and a legacy of sustainability.

Founded in Spain circa 1846, the brand originally dealt in leather goods. Conservatism and slow steps marked the brand’s formative years to international prominence. However, evolving cosmically under the creative direction of Jonathon Anderson, the brand has maintained a focus on quality while imbuing playful style.

Perhaps Loewe’s most important output is their bags – luxury leather goods created with poetic grace. When Anderson took over the brand in 2013, he waves with the iconic puzzle bag, bringing Loewe to It-Girl status. But Loewe transcends both trends and time.

Still based in Spain and manufactured in Madrid, Loewe is totemic of sincerity, sophistication, intellect, and honesty.

At the heart of Loewe is sustainability. The brand is dedicated to upholding its reputation for quality leather goods while constantly improving environmental practices. By prioritising waste reduction, pollution-conscious creation, diversity, Loewe minimises resource consumption throughout its supply chain.

Loewe is emblematic of slow fashion. Every piece is handcrafted and artfully constructed in a range of styles, colours, and sizes. The brand is innovative while adhering to the high standards of quality and style.

This heritage brand isn’t dictated by trends, it is a pioneer of them, and Anderson’s refined understanding of youth culture places him as an icon of contemporary considered fashion.

Loewe is driven not only by the art of fashion but also by the craft. Anderson’s reign at Loewe and specifically his creative direction during the 2020 lockdown has birthed sentimentalism in the brand: rediscovering and perfecting the classics.

While Loewe has never departed from its heritage in expertly crafted leather goods, the brand, especially under the creative reins of Anderson, has become synonymous with high fashion.

Polished but organic, classic but thoroughly modern, there is nothing not to love in every collection.

Here are a few of our favourite Loewe pieces …