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Beauty Bytes 11 February 2022

Biggest Nail Trends For Your 2022 Mani Game

Explore the 'It' nail trends that you don’t want to miss out this year with Monde.

2022 is a great year not just with fashion but also beauty, and that includes nail art. As we move from comfortable clothing to retro and ‘dopamine dressing’, we are also going into this year with some nostalgic and playful manicure trends. There is so much to offer no matter what style you are following! Take a look at these 4 manicure trends that are going big this year and how to achieve the look with us!

Words By Thuy Nguyen

Bold Colours

It’s not 2022 and post-lockdown energy without bright and bold colours to brighten up your year.

Something as subtle as a bright nail colour can be a great compliment to your outfit without a doubt. It’s time to go all out with your nail colour choice.

We can not forget this year’s pantone colour Veri Peri.

It is destined to be a trending nail colour the moment it was released for bringing such a positive and eye-catching vibe. And if you want something louder and with a warm tone, a vibrant and bright shade of red is the way to go.

Green has been around since 2021 and there’s no sign of it leaving. At the same time, neon and blue – especially royal blue have joined the party!

Don’t have much experience with manicures? This trend is for you!

There is not much to do beside applying 2 to 3 coats on your nails to achieve a satisfyingly smooth and glossy finish.

You can also mix and match different colours for an unique and vivid set.

Take a look at some of our recommendations for your next nail colour!

Photo: Pinterest 

Animal Print

If you’re bored of just plain colours, animal print is up for the game this year. This design brings back to the late 60s and 70s, where it became popular.

Ever since then, the heat has never gone down – its revival this year is the proof.

Loud and wild – It will promise to help you make a statement.

This animal-inspired nail art comes with many designs for you to choose from. Leopard and cheetah print have always been the gem of this trend.

They have definitely become a classic look! But this year comes with a little more twists – cow print and zebra print are everywhere.

And if you are the adventurous type of person, the offer opens up to even giraffe, crocodile and frog print.

This nail design will need a little artsy skill, but nothing is not achievable without some practice.

Grab yourself some colour combinations and a liner nail brush and you’re ready to go!

Starting off with a nude or white base and creating a pattern with some organic shapes will do the trick.

However, don’t shy away from playing around with colours – a green or pink nail polish can also be the base!

Image: Pinterest

Sandy Neutrals

For those wishing for something classic and gentle, but for sure not a boring choice, jump on the sandy neutrals trend!

It reminds us of the breeze and refreshing feeling of an early morning at the beach. It’s also the perfect shade for formal events or weddings – very classy and sophisticated.

It’s just the nude colours you’re thinking, but we’re going a little specific this time – nudes with sandy and khaki undertones.

The creamy and rich finish is a big bonus point, giving a clean and fresh feeling. It also does an amazing job at enhancing your skin tones.

Whichever one you have, there is always a good match for you.

With this look, no special skills are needed at all!

All you need is to make sure you apply the paint coats evenly to have a lovely finish.

And if one colour is not enough for you, switch it up and create a tonal set of nails – either orders, going lighter and darker, or go random with no orders.

After all, neutral shades don’t have to be boring with a trendy choice of colours and a spark of creativity.

Image: Pinterest

Glamorous Shine

It’s the year of festive events and we all need some glitter and glam.

A shiny manicure colour is just the right touch to finish your party look this year. It fits right in with the ‘dopamine dressing’ trend and is ready to shine wherever you go.

Put our creative hat on, because it’s time we play around!

Ombre is what we are talking about and it is not as hard at all to achieve as it looks.

Gently apply the paint on top or bottom half of your nails with a makeup sponge and don’t forget to finish with a glossy top coat!

Another suggestion is a french tip design, but with a shining twist.

There is nothing wrong with a classic frenchie design, but you would not want to miss some of the alternative ones with glitters!

There are many inspirations for you to look at or even create a new design yourself.

Use with other solid colours for abstract nails design, again with a liner brush – don’t hold back from playing with different colours!

You can also mix it around for a colourful set when plain colours start to bore your manicure game.

Image: Pinterest