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Fitness 27 January 2022

All From the Comfort of Your Home

Our top four online workouts you can do from wherever you are.

After two years of lockdowns, isolation and quarantine getting back to the gym may not be top on our priority list. But if there’s one thing months at home taught us, it’s the importance of making time to step away from the computer and move your body. Getting outside to workout or finding space at home can make working out that little bit more achievable when you’ve got a million things to do. These are our favourite online workout spaces to make working out enjoyable, accessible and easy.

Words By Eliza Sears

Good Times Pilates

Keen to create an inclusive environment for every body, Good Times Pilates is the place for serotonin-inducing joyful movement.

With everything from HIIT to full-body burn pilates and stretch and relax classes, Good Times has all bases well and truly covered.

Established through a yearning to create a place where the community could experience feel-good, inclusive movement during the COVID-19 pandemic, Good Times has grown to be a haven for those who take their classes.

All classes cater to all fitness levels and aim to foster a welcoming and supportive environment that everyone feels welcome to join and move in.

Good Times operates with the philosophy that all movement is good movement but encourages customers to be consistent with their practice to help progress.

They also strive to create an environment that allows you to feel free and comfortable taking a stretch where needed and embrace the time for yourself.

For a definite good time while working out, Good Times is the space to be in.

Good Time Pilates, $39 per month


ANNAMO Studio is an online fitness community that aims to educate menstruators on how to best train with their cycle.

When it comes to that time of the month working out can fall to the bottom of your priority list, but ANNAMO has done the work for you!

Curating classes to suit all stages of your menstrual cycle, making it easier to be consistent, move your body and challenge yourself.

ANNAMO has three different classes; burn – a low-intensity mat pilates class which is designed to tone, built strength and flexibility burn classes are suitable throughout your cycle.

Ultimate is ANNAMO’s high-intensity class, a cross between pilates and circuit training ultimate classes will get your heart racing during your follicular and ovulation phase.

Finally, shape is ANNAMO’s strength-based class which uses dumbbells to build muscle, best practised during your follicular, ovulation and luteal phases.

For menstruators and beyond, ANNAMO is the perfect place for workouts tailored to your health needs.

ANNAMO Studio, $44 per month

Keep it Cleaner

Founded by Influencers and exercise queens, Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw, Keep It Cleaner (KIC) is the ultimate app for everybody and every body.

Through a holistic approach to wellness, we’re here to help you make sustainable long-term changes towards a healthier, happier lifestyle.

KIC caters for all fitness levels and even has a couch to 5-kilometre program which starts with running 30 seconds – a manageable and non-intimidating time for newbie runners.

KIC offers users a well-rounded health experience with recipes, workouts, a wellness program, a supportive online community to help keep you motivated and a full blog on tips and tricks from the KIC team.

On top of all of that KIC has a weekly podcast, hosted by Laura and Steph where the pair discuss life, exercise, health and wellbeing with experts in the field, so you can listen to the girls as you go for your daily hot girl walk.

KIC have well and truly learnt their name as one of Australia’s favourite workout companion, and once you join in on the fun, you’ll see why.

Keep It Cleaner, starting at $9.58 per month

Feel Better

IT was through her own experience of chronic illness that Ella Mills, desperate to be well, turned to whole, plant-based foods.

Ella had amazing results and began creating and sharing recipes and found a passion in connecting with her audience over this love for healthy eating,

Since then, the app formerly known as Deliciously Ella has undergone a major rebrand.

Feel Better, is a happy cocktail of plant-based recipes, meditations, podcast episodes, yoga flows, barre sessions, strength workouts, and more.

While Feel Better has a strong focus on wellness and ‘making veggies cool’, it is anything but boring and all categories go above and beyond to keep things interesting and engaging for subscribers.

Brand new recipes and workouts are added weekly so just when you think you’ve got through all they have to offer there’s more.

Feel Better offers variety and a total lack of restriction – highlighting the importance of balance and longevity when it comes to our health and wellbeing.

Feel Better by Deliciously Ella, from $4.40 per month