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The It List 30 October 2021

8 Self-Help Books We’re Proud to Leave on our Coffee Tables

Self-improvement is something we should all strive for; these are the modern-day bibles helping humans do so.

It’s 2021 and no shame should be felt by anyone trying to work on themselves and make their lives happier. What can sometimes be construed as the section in a bookshop dedicated to desperation, we’re here to proclaim that self-help books actually represent the section of hope! These 8 authors and guides are renowned for shifting the perspectives of their readers and forming foundations for them to achieve contentment and profound happiness.

Words By Brittany Lyons

‘Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies: And Other Rituals to Fix Your Life, from Someone Who's Been There’ – Tara Schuster

Written by a clever, brutally honest, and hilarious comedy TV executive, Schuster explores the hard-won lessons in learning to love and care for yourself, just as you deserve.

A story of chronic anxiety, depression and self-medication stemming from a childhood void of positive parental figures, Schuster generously divulges her journey to rock bottom, and how she rebuilt herself from it.

An in-your-face proclamation that, like most stories of childhood trauma, the problems of your upbringing are impossible to outrun.

Filled with many ah-ha moments, as well as ha-ha moments, this modern-day bible of self-discovery and epiphanies is the proclamation you need to realise that self-love is the best form of healing.

Just as the title suggests, the main themes within this book are all about being kind to yourself, learning to love your life and routine and nourishing the wounds left by trauma.

This hilarious, honest, and transformative guide certainly puts the self into self-help and self-love.

Even if you’re not a product of childhood trauma, this book is a guide on how to put yourself first and would do absolutely everyone some good.

Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies, $29.25, Booktopia

‘Act Like a Lady’ - Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin & Jac Vanek

Written by a collective of witty, relatable and no bull sh*t women, you may recognise the names of these authors from their very popular podcast and E! show ‘LadyGang’.

This self-help bible is written for women who are tired of the curated perfection of social media, and who are starving for some real, honest and raw content about life.

Some stories will make you shriek, others cry and most giggle, but all with the objective to give you the confidence to live your happiest lady life.

Truly relatable and hilarious, Knight, Tobin and Vanek dismantle any barriers of what historically women haven’t opened up about and shared.

With nothing off-limits, you can expect chat about farting, sex, having tough conversations and of course, lots about love.

This is the modern bible about how to best navigate the curveballs life throws you, and above all else, proves that shame isn’t invited to the party.

Filled will anecdotal stories, life lessons and lots of hindsight, each nugget of woman wisdom is enveloped and presented in a hilarious and sometimes questionable way.

We loved this one and think it’s a must-read for every modern woman out there who doesn’t take herself too seriously!

Act Like a Lady, $29.95, Booktopia

‘You Are a Badass’ – Jen Sincero

Compiled, written by and awarded with a New York Times Bestseller prize, this ‘how to’ by Jen Sincero is absolutely something that has the potential to change your life for the better.

Success and life coach by trade, Sincero generously shares inspiring stories, advice and exercises into 27 bite-sized chapters.

Easy to digest and to the point, these hilarious and profound realisations have the gravity to completely change the way you see yourself.

The overarching purpose of the self-help book is to harness your inner badass and find a deep self-love and appreciation for who you truly are.

Providing the reader with the tools to overcome self-doubt and start living their most awesome version of life, this book is ideal for those with a willingness to change.

After reaching the end of ‘You Are a Badass,’ you’ll have a better understanding of who you are, love what you can’t change and have the toolkit to confidently say eff off to self-doubt.

If you’re sick of staying idle in your life, this is going to change that. Profoundly.

You Are a Badass, was $22.99 now $20.35, Booktopia

‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’ – Mark Manson

A totally revolutionary way of harnessing what it means to self-help, this title takes a new approach to dealing with the pressures and aches of modern life.

In 2016 Mark Manson brought us the ‘Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’ a guide on how to, instead of living in a world of positivity, learn how to care less about all the crap life sends your way.

Basically going against the sentiment of most self-help books before his who teach to make lemonade, and instead teach his readers to learn to better stomach the lemons.

Quite possibly a self-discovery and help book that better resonates with male readers, this hilarious and brutally honest manuscript provides its readership with the tools to better decide what to and what not to care about.

A how to not sweat the small stuff if you will!

This chunk of anti-coddling, anti-participation award humour is not only a best seller many times over, but whose recommendations are actually also backed by research too.

Perfect for those with a wicked sense of humour, we cannot recommend this cult classic more.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, was $29.99 now $25.75, Booktopia

‘Big Magic’ – Elizabeth Gilbert

From the best-selling author who brought the world ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, this iteration of stories from Elizabeth Gilbert is not only different because they’re her real-life experiences, but they’re offered in the hope to change the readers’ life.

Sharing intimate details through her wisdom, unique understanding of creativity and suffering, Gilbert challenges her reader to embrace curiosity, tackle what they most love and face what they most fear.

A little more geared to the creative type looking to better their quality of life, this big, beautiful book provides you with the means to create magic with what you have.

Like most of the other books published in this guide, ‘Big Magic’ seeks to shatter the perception of hardship and hurt and wrap it up to harness its positive power.

For a life filled with exploration, vibrance and reward, ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert is about to take you on a journey filled with joy.

Life awaits!

Big Magic, was $19.99 now $17.95, Booktopia

‘Girl, Wash Your Face’ – Rachel Hollis

Another girl boss teaching other females how to harness their badass-ness is author, founder and CEO, Rachel Hollis.

Recognisable from ventures TheChicSite.com and Chic Media, Hollis is the much-loved lady sharing her life and tips for life with women around the world.

With a sharp knack for honesty, humour and relatability, Hollis and her dialogue have a tendency to totally capture you, hook line and sinker.

‘Girl, Wash Your Face’ is her highly anticipated first book covering how to break free from the lies we keep telling ourselves and obtain the wonderful life we all deserve.

In every chapter of the book, Hollis breaks down a lie she once believed, one that left her feeling overwhelmed, unworthy and ready to give up.

Taking from the experience of her own battles with body image, being a mother and being a foster parent, Hollis speaks to her readers like they’re a long time BFF.

This nurturing, kind, genuine and gentle undertone really brings something special to the entire read of this book.

For women out there looking for guidance on how to build self-confidence and break through the lies, we tell ourselves, this one is for you.

Girl, Wash Your Face, was $19.99 now $17.95, Booktopia

‘The Defining Decade’ – Meg Jay

Nobody quite understands the profound complexities of mental wellness quite like a psychologist.

That is why we needed to include this title in our top 8 self-help book edit!

Dr Meg Jay, a clinical psychologist, gives her thoughts on how to reframe the decade of our 20’s.

Sometimes considered a period that doesn’t count, an extension of our adolescence or a brief blip before real life begins, Dr Jay actually considers these years a formative part of the rest of our lives.

Compiled from two decades of work with hundreds of her clients, Jay proves that the ’20s are a very important foundation for the rest of our years to come.

Tuning in during this period, spending it well and working on ourselves can make drastic improvements to our brain and brain function.

She offers the fact that that brain has the ability to change in this decade than any other.

Targeted at those living through those formative, sometimes difficult and wake-up-call 20-something’s, this guide is a compassionate, constructive book for young adults navigating one of the most challenging periods of life.

The Defining Decade, $34.75, Booktopia

‘The Upside of Being Down’ – Jen Gotch

Another female author for our eighth and final recommendation of self-help books.

Jen Gotch is yet another successful founder and CEO who has had her fair share of adversity when it comes to mental health.

Kicking off in Florida where she was raised, Gotch generously invites the reader into her early struggles with bipolar, generalised anxiety and ADD disorders.

Her story takes many twists and turns before ending up in the position of founding a multi-million-dollar empire, one that is filled with self-awareness and hardship.

A story about embracing internal flaws and understanding all corners of her mental illness, Gotch’s storytelling is brilliantly sprinkled with humour and candour to instil a sense of relatability with every chapter.

This ultra-incredible memoir is an uplifting tale of acceptance, success, and hope.

A hilarious and fascinating way to navigate different mental disorders in a modern, relatable way. No stigma here and we absolutely love it!

The Upside of Being Down, was $39.99 now $19.25, Booktopia