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14 October 2020

5 Swimwear Brands Making Waves This Season

Words By Brittany Lyons

Flattering, fun and feminine, these swim labels are making women feel great on beaches all over the world.

Hunza G

You may recognise the swimwear of Hunza G from an unsuspecting source, Julia Roberts in Pretty woman.

Known best these days for their retro inspired one-size-fits-all swimwear, Hunza G is retro-inspired because it was actually born in the retro peak era, the 1980’s.

Since the 80’s the British-born fit has seen the relaunch of the decade with a revival from Creative Director Georgiana Huddar. With a deep infatuation with signature crinkle cut fabric from the heydays of the brand, Huddar has breathed new life into this heritage brand.

To this day the swimsuits are offered in the classic silhouettes we know in love, with the high cut leggy fits that reign true to the brand’s DNA, as well as the retro colours we expect.

With a strong knowledge in design the Hunza G of the 21st century sets out to provide swimwear for every female form. The collection-wide one size fits all approach to design brings a sense of inclusiveness that is seldom found within the fashion world of today. Made possible by the heritage seersucker fabric which has maximum stretch and MAXIMUM hold, you better believe that these bathing suits not only fit all, but fit all, very well.

Sucking us in in all the right places, Hunza G is always a good choice.


Australian/New Zealand label Glassons is certainly our go-to for accessible and on-trend fashion.

While typically considered a fast-fashion label, this group are very much committed to using sustainable and ethical methods of production and operating. The label is actually on the road to eliminating 90% of plastics within their business by the time January 2021 rolls in. We know where we’ll be shopping for accessibly-priced swimwear in the lead up to summer.

The collections themselves boast enough options for you to feel utterly spoilt. Cheeky bikini bottoms with classic triangular tops are Glassons’ thing, and they certainly know how to do it well.

Seams, ties and clasps have been placed in the exact spots they need to have you looking and feeling good in your swimmers. Fun cuts are accompanied by even more fun prints and colours to brighten even the sunniest day.
When speaking to texture, the Glassons Girl is spoilt for choice when choosing her summer cossie. Our personal favourites are ribbed options to help you feel super secure in the surf.

Why not have a little fun and mix and match up some ensembles?

You’re about to discover a game-changer in value-focused swim.

Glassons Cartia Mallan High Cut Bikini Bottom, $19.99, Glassons

Lisa Marie Fernandez

The global luxury brand known for allowing women all over the world to outlive their wildest Bond Girl dreams.

The name-sake label of then-fashion editor Lisa Maria Fernandez, this brand rebuilt the luxury swimwear space in 2014, and never looked back.

Breathing new life into surf-inspired maillots and especially bringing neoprene back onto the scene, Fernandez articulates the importance of expertly constructed swimwear. Quality swimwear makes you feel good, it’s really that simple.

The aesthetic is effortless glamour, global traveller and luxury vacationer. The swimwear to wear on a luxury escape to the Maldives, Santorini or, more simply, on your local beach where you want to bring a touch of pizazz. Neoprene is accompanied by terry towelling and a rich velvet to ensure every personal preference is catered for, no matter what luxury scene you’re into.

Popular with those of influence, the resounding sentiment from this collection of one pieces, bikinis and coverups, is one of adoration. Proving that swimwear designed by women for women will know how to support you and bring a sense of confidence you may not know you possessed.

If you want to unleash your inner sexy than this is the brand for you.

Lisa Marie Fernandez Arden One-shoulder Swimsuit, $679, My Theresa


Aptly named after the bloom that signals the beginning of summer, peony celebrates the change of season in the most beautiful fashion.

Born from a love affair of everything Australian beach culture, this thoughtful brand has deep-seeded roots in the health and life of the ocean. Inspired by the feeling of escaping to the sun-drenched coast of our continent, you can feel the sense of pride and confidence when wearing any Peony swimwear piece.

Inherently idyllic swimwear recognisable by classic shapes and soft colour palettes, this beachwear was created to bring a sense of confidence and joy to its wearer.

Championing the natural landscape in which they were conceived, peony has an innate sense of sustainability when it comes to fabric choice and all other operations within their business.
Every piece within the peony range are constructed entirely from recycled and sustainable fabrications; this includes all printed fabrics, custom main fabrics and inner linings. The brand’s commitment to sustainability has led them to be recognised as a global leader in sustainable luxury swimwear.

Inherently considered swimwear that is for a use of a better word, bloody cute, we can’t wait to wear peony to the beach this summer and feel great about it.

Peony Belted Floral-jacquard Bikini Briefs, $130, Net-A-Porter


The namesake label of Australian sisters Nicky and Simone Zimmerman has long been a swimwear institution for those preferring a sophisticated feminine touch.

If you know Zimmerman, which we’re sure you do, you’ll associate the brand with detail, colour and print.

Gracing the shelves and beaches of Australia, and now the world, since the 1990’s, Zimmerman has evolved into one of the hottest Ready-to-Wear labels on the global fashion stage.
You can catch the likes of Beyonce, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid sporting some Zimm gear when running around their summer vacation spots.

While high-end dresses and outerwear is what you will recognise them for, their humble beginnings were certainly born from swim and beachwear. Staying true to their roots, Zimmerman is still at the forefront of flattering, feminine and stylish swimwear.

The collections of beachwear themselves today are a testament to the commitment to the inherent design style of the brand. Seamlessly replicating the aesthetic of the RTW offering, the swim and breach wear to fit in perfectly as a complement to each outerwear option.

Flounces, peplums and frills are expertly added to accentuate and celebrate the feminine form, and most importantly to add a bit of fun to summer dressing!

Zimmermann Amelie Teardrop Bikini, $230, Zimmermann