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Trending 2 September 2020

The 5 Shoe Styles Every Man Needs this Spring

Staying grounded has never been easier

Spring this year feels a little different than usual as we come out of our (lockdown) hibernation. Shoes have probably been your most underutilised wardrobe item over the past few months, so it’s time to give them the spotlight they deserve. No matter how many shoes you own, there are five styles that are a must in any guy's wardrobe.

Words By Eva Marchingo

Chelsea Boot

For those events where you need a formal shoe but can’t really be bothered, a Chelsea boot will help you put your best foot forward.

Finishing up at around the upper ankle, these robustly constructed, simple-yet-chic boots, are perfect for the office or a day out in the paddock.

Inspired by traditional workwear, side-elasticised boots of today have been modernised with laces, exceptional quality craftsmanship and even better leather uppers. Providing a quality and longevity that is tough to match, Chelsea boots from the likes of Australian heritage brands such as R.M. Williams and Blundstone, should definitely grow old with you.

Supportive enough for whatever the day throws at you, and classic enough to remain relevant throughout the decades, the ankle boot provides the versatility the modern man seeks.

For when you feel like bringing out an iconic style or daring new look, a Chelsea boot will give you something new to step into. The perfect non-formal, formal shoe.

Common Projects Suede Chelsea Boots, £389.81, MR PORTER

R.M. Williams Turnout Boot, $595, R.M. Williams

Dress Sneaker

Spring has sprung and what better occasion to treat oneself to an investment item than the beginning of a new season?

Once upon a time, you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing sneakers in a formal domain like work or social events. Thankfully, the luxury fashion world always has our back when it comes to fancy-ing up items that would normally be saved for a trip to the supermarket.

The sneaker, once considered casual footwear, has been completely reimagined into luxurious works of art thanks to the likes of Balmain, Givenchy and Bottega Veneta.

A well-designed dress sneaker can take you from casual Fridays at work to a stylish formal event in the same stride.

Provided you take good care of your formal shoes and keep them clean, a sneaker will stand you in good stead for any occasion. And as an added bonus, in warmer weather, they’re a comfy and breezy alternative to other dress shoes.

Jacques Soloviere Jim Suede Trainers, $517, MATCHESFASHION

R.M. Williams Surry Sneaker, $295, R.M. Williams

Givenchy Black Urban Knots Sneakers, $1275, SSENSE


For a fairly ordinary style of shoe, a trainer can say so much about who you are as a person.

Whether you’re a hypebeast or simply a fan of comfort, a trainer will fast become the favourite friend of your feet.

A trainer will stand by you through any outfit, and help showcase your personality with no effort on your behalf. It’s your leave-by-the-door go-to of your shoe collection.

Nothing feels better than comfort, and in a trainer, everything is comfortable. Running late doesn’t matter when you’re wearing a trainer and neither do pre-date nerves.

Providing a versatility that really only a sneaker can, this category of comfort can bring you from day to night, marathon to mosey and couch to the celebration. Jeans, shorts, undies, you name it, the trainer has been there with you through it all.

With absolutely no restrictions to its potential, a trainer is so much more than just a shoe; it’s freedom.

Moncler Leave No Trace Sneakers, $984.81, LN-CC

Versace Squalo Hiker Sneaker, $1479.87, HBX


Get the image of grandad’s summer shoes out of your mind, the world of men’s sandals has well and truly transformed.

Sandals are a must-have for spring and summer but aren’t limited to warmer days. Their trans-seasonality continues through the colder months if you’re partial to pairing your sandals with socks. While some may consider this a fashion faux pas, we think those who turn their noses to a sock and sandal situation have never experienced the true comfort the pairing provides.

Within the sandal family, the range is vast. From pool-side slip-ons, two-strapped goodness, all the way to the kind of shoe that reels in compliments come family Christmas, sandals have you covered.

Sandals are the easiest kind of shoe to own; easy to put on, easy to wear, and easy to have a good time in. The hardest part is really deciding on only just one pair to take home.

Alexander McQueen Raised-Sole Logo-Embroidered Grosgrain Slides, $583, MATCHESFASHION

Birkenstock Boston, $214.99, Hype DC

Tiger of Sweden Brown Croc Jordan Sandals, $475, SSENSE


A high-top sneaker acts as a just-in-case shoe, a catchall you can personalise to your needs. A slightly taller design than its sneaker cousins, the high-top hugs your ankle and supports you where it counts.

For when the nights get cold, or for those unseasonably cool days, a high-top sneaker will not only keep your ankles warm but ensure your look remains cool.

Made popular by the skateboarding and basketball communities throughout the 1970’s, when thinking of the high-top sneaker, nostalgia kicks in. Names like Converse, Adidas and Vans have managed to bring the high-top into the 21st Century, without losing its retro coolness.

A high-top has the diversity to suit your needs, whatever they are – basketball, skating, running errands or heading out to dinner, whether it be performance or just life, high-tops are an ideal choice.

Converse Chuck 70 Archive Hi, $140, Platypus

Comme des Garcons Black Converse Edition Half Heart Chuck 70 High Sneakers, $205, SSENSE