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Monde Shops 10 May 2022

5 Legendary Brands Withstanding the Test of Time

Our most loved wardrobe pieces are often the classics that are durable enough to withstand any and all challenges we throw at them.

Wear and tear are an essential part of our clothing’s lifecycles, but how great is it when a pair of shoes or your favourite jacket withstands more than most? To help your wardrobe look great for longer, we’ve gathered some of our favourite brands that do durability best.

Words By Ruby Staley

Dr. Martens

 The iconic lace up boots label that you can count on.

Born from necessity, the iconic Dr. Martens brand was founded in London in the 1960s remains the most recognised and loved brand for quality made boots worldwide.

With an undeniable influence on fashion over the years, the iconic lace up Dr. Martens have become the signature shoe choice for creatives in every field.

Encompassing goth, grunge, punk and even pop influences in their designs, the famous footwear house has collaborated with a whole host of world class designers and artists on continually developing the brand.

Each pair of Dr. Martens are lovingly created to ensure a comfortable wearing experience that should last a lifetime.

Well worth the investment, the brand’s variety of premium and vegan leather shoes don’t discriminate when it comes to iconic design and durability.

For a twist on the classic lace up high-top Doc, the Vegan Jadon II Mono Platform Boots are a modernised update of the classic design we have all come to know and love.

Not only intended for dreary UK weather, Dr. Martens also designs a whole host of innovative sandal designs for those who frequent warmer climates.

Either the Clarissa II Sandals or the Myles Sandals are comfortable and stylish options for when you want all the durability and longevity of a pair of Docs, without all of the coverage of a pair of boots.

For classic styles and contemporary updates that are leather focused and widely loved, Dr. Martens is and always has been the answer.

Dr. Martens Womens Vegan Jadon II Mono Platform Boots, $330 – available at The Iconic


A brand synonymous with quality, Levi’s do denim best.

Founded in the 1850’s in San Francisco by Bavarian businessman Levi Straus as the original denim purveyor, the Levi’s name has developed to embody iconic Americana design.

Teaming up with tailor Jacob David, Straus was the very first to patent the riveted denim ‘XX’ waist overalls, an iconic design that eventually developed into the brands original 501 jeans.

With durability at the core of the business, Levi’s were first intended to be worn by men to work which quickly became an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe during the war.

Over time, basically every famous face was spotted in a pair of Levi’s, a trend kicked off by original Hollywood bad boy James Dean who often frequented the brand’s denim.

Quickly gaining popularity, Levi’s classic and modernised designs are equally loved and appreciated worldwide for their sheer staying power.

Resale sites like Depop are constantly stocked with vintage Levi’s which is a testament to the potential for lifelong wear for their designs.

Always with a clear focus on 100% denim constructions, the Levi’s rich heritage remains in fashion today with throwback vintage washes, distressed designs and through creative collaborations.

Go for the classic Levi’s look with a pair of the Blue Dad Jeans or the Blue Denim Vintage Overalls which are both easy to style and impeccable to wear – as is the entire collection.

Levi’s Blue Dad Jeans, $89.95 – available at SSENSE


The workwear brand that surpasses all expectations.

Founded in Texas in 1922, the Dickies name has always been synonymous with a strong dedication to superior craftmanship for men’s, and later women’s, workwear staples.

Inspired initially by the strength and spirit of the American worker, over the decades, the brand quickly expanded through Europe, to the Middle East, and then the entire globe.

While remaining a workwear staple throughout the years, Dickies were also adopted by skate subcultures world-wide, with young skaters particularly favouring the brand’s design for their durable and hardwearing properties.

With a classic uniform appeal that has always led the brand’s aesthetics, the current range champions a revival of nostalgic Americana styles within their consistently well-made garments.

For the classic Dickies look, try out the 872 Slim Straight Tapered Fit Pants for size.

Whether you’re planning to wear them to work or style it a little more sartorially, these pants are a much-loved cult classic for a reason – namely, their longevity.

Another classic style, the 33999 Short Sleeve Coveralls are a staple layering piece that are sure to keep their integrity even after washing, wearing and re-wearing as many times as you please.

Pair your Dickies with the brand’s 874 Oversized Tote Bag and Cropped Zip Up Jacket for a head to toe industrially inspired stylish look that will last you years to come.

Dickies 872 Slim Straight Tapered Fit Pants, $89.99 – available at The Iconic


Internationally loved by trendsetters, renowned rappers, celebrities and hardworking people alike.

Originally designed over 40 years ago for wear around tough industrial sites, the timberland iconic 6” premium boots have become a streetwear staple.

With function at the forefront of the design back then and still to this day, the iconic yellow boot, made from full-grain nubuck leather with thick rubber lug soles quickly overtook Timberland’s other styles in popularity – becoming their signature.

Throughout the late 80’s until now, the classic Timberland boot has remained synonymous with hip hop and urban cultures, youth fashion and street style.

The collections of late have expanded to include variations on the iconic design of all kinds.

Now available in a range of bright colours, muted shades, and printed patterns with more feminine designs with elevated heels as well as chunky combat style soles.

For a piece of the iconic Timberland aesthetic appeal, the 6-Inch Premium Lace Up Boots are well worth the investment.

Now made using anti-fatigue comfort technology and a rugged rubber outsole, the modern take on the 6” lace ups are comfortable above all, while also being functional, durable and fashionable.

Timberland 6-Inch Premium Lace Up Boots, $279.99 – available at The Iconic


The perfect intersection between work and street wear.

With over 120 years of experience under its belt, the Carhartt name has become an essential to the workwear and practical fashion conversation.

We can’t talk about durable, yet cool, design without mentioning the leader in the field: Carhartt and all its subsidiaries including Carhartt WIP.

Loved and renowned for their utmost quality and premium garment production to create designs that are not only incredibly durable but also comfortable and easy to wear.

As a brand, Carhartt “prides itself on getting the job done – no matter what the task”, and helping you do the same in piece that suit your sense of personal style, keep you protected and supported all day long whether working or playing.

With the release of Carhartt WIP (short for Work In Progress) 25 years ago, the brand developed the brand identity that still maintained its essence of high quality durable pieces, now in edgy designs, bright colours, and bold patterns.

Slip on a pair of Simple Pants and the Janet Liner for a classic but cool streetwear look, which each piece sturdy and strong enough to last a lifetime of wear.

Elevate the Carhartt uniform with the Flint Hip Bag, Barrow Liner or W’ Bib Overalls for a modernised take on true longevity.

Carhartt Barrow LIner, $289.95 – available at The Iconic