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Trending 7 October 2020

5 Favourite Sunglasses Silhouettes for Guys

Tried and tested, and a little bit of fun, these are the sunnies we're wearing this spring.

Shopping for sunglasses online is no longer a hassle and these fun frames are here to prove it! Block out those harmful UV rays in style with our favourite sunglass shapes. No matter your vibe, occasion or face shape, the below offering has something for all.

Words By Brittany Lyons


The undisputed classic created by Ray-Ban and made popular by the guitar-slinging bad boys of rock and roll.

When you think sunglasses, you think Wayfarer. Ray-Ban claims it to be one of the most recognisable styles in history and well, we have to agree with you there guys. Since it’s inception in the mid-century, the frames have been developed to accommodate the modern-day lifestyles of its wearer.

Now available in foldable versions, multiple sizes and variations for babies, teens and adults, everyone in the family can get a little Wayfarer action.

This acrylic-framed wonder is also one of the best-polarised sunglasses on the market. Protecting the wearer against the glare of the sun as well as reflections from bright surfaces (i.e. snow and glass), these classic shades are a brilliant choice for most types of outings.

Whether you’re a bad boy, sporty boy or young boy, the Wayfarer is a no-brainer.

ahnah Achi Square-Frame Tortoiseshell Bio-Acetate Sunglasses, £226.18, Mr Porter


If these are good enough for Hollywood heartthrobs, we’re sure they’re good enough for anyone.

The Aviator shape falls a close second to the Wayfarer as one of the most identifiable and wearable sunglass shapes.

The aviator is recognisable by a metal frame, oversized teardrop shapes lenses (often with a reflective or protective coating) and a horizontal bar linking the top of both of them. The shape itself is slim and streamlined, meaning it transfers well to suit most face shapes.

Made popular by Tom Cruise in Top Gun, this silhouette was actually first developed for pilots back in the mid-1960s to protect their eyes whilst flying. Coming into the current day, aviators are yet to lose their pizzazz. Contemporary brands like Acne Studios and Gucci are constantly reinventing the shape to ensure it stays relevant.

Gracing the faces of Leonardo Dicaprio, Bruce Lee and numerous Hip-Hop Artists throughout the 21st century, the aviator oozes cool and should not be underestimated.

Thom Browne Gold TB015 Sunglasses, $895, SSENSE


Classic and a little kooky, round sunglasses are pretty-fool proof when it comes to pairing to the right shaped face.

Don’t fret, these days there are plenty of circle-shaped lenses that don’t automatically turn you into John Lennon wannabe. And well, if that’s your vibe, there are still plenty to cater to your 70’s infatuation.

One of the greatest gifts rounded frames had graced us all with is the ability to soften up an otherwise very angular, squared face shape.

The best way to unblock a blocky head is to add come curvature, and the round sunglasses do this so effortlessly.

Another fabulous reason to get yourself a pair of round-lensed sunglasses is the inherent old-world Italian charm that comes along with sporting a set. Tiny cars, bougainvillaea, pebbles sprawling along the coastline of the Amalfi coast all topped off by a rounded pair of expertly crafted sunglasses. It’s a vibe.

Gucci Aviator Tortoiseshell-acetate and Metal Sunglasses, $450, Matches Fashion


The angular cousin of the sunglass family, the square or rectangular shapes sunnies are perfect for those with the rounded face shape.

Holding the ability to add structure and definition to a face that might be lacking some, these sunglasses will aid those who are in search of a defined more cheekbone and jawline.

Technically a lot of famed frames actually fall into the square sunglass category i.e. Wayfarers and D-frames.

They are, for use of a better word, a pretty safe option when it comes to buying a pair of sunnies online. Loved by dads and do-ers around the world, the square sunglasses are a very welcoming and versatile bunch.

If you’re after a modern twist, opt for a funky coloured lens like the mustard Flatlist option below. For a classic you’ll be reaching for everyday in the car, a simple plastic frame like the Retro Super Future pair is a great choice.

RETROSUPERFUTURE Tortoiseshell America Square Sunglasses, $295, SSENSE


Festival-goers and the fashionistas alike, this one is for you.

Tiny sunglasses were made popular in the 1990s and have made a very strong resurgence in the last decade with the re-popularisation of festival wear. Edgy, cool and a little ridiculous, tiny sunglasses make a very compelling case as to why we should all have at least one pair.

Embracing pretty much any silhouette, these tiny frames need just be exceptionally small. While there are not many rules around the silhouette of the style, tiny sunglasses can actually be very flattering if you pick the right ones for your face shape.

Essentially there to make a fashion statement and not really one of practicality or protection, these tiny lensed friends are perfect for the modern-day risk-taker, and pretty much anyone who loves to have a bit of fun.

Reach for these whenever you’re feeling exceptionally flirty and silly, a good time is about to be had.

Loewe Aviator-Style Leather-Trimmed Gold-Tone Sunglasses, £327.25, Mr Porter