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The It List 4 December 2021

5 Candle Brands to Light Up This Christmas Season

‘Tis the season for gift giving and holiday scented candles.

It’s not really the holidays if you don’t give or receive a candle for Christmas. Whether the appeal is its heart-warming scent or the beauty of its exterior, candles are the perfect gift to make your home feel that little more ‘homey.’ We here at Monde have selected the top 5 candle brands we recommend for the new season, guaranteed to quickly become your home’s next favourite fragrance.

Words By Katelyn Kalafatis


In both scent and style, it’s obvious to us that Glasshouse’s latest Christmas collection has nailed the embodiment of looking and feeling like the festive season.

With six Yule-inspired scents across the new range, you’re bound to find your perfect home fragrance. And the best part of their limited-edition release?

The brand has stayed true to theme by making their candles in the colour of Christmas.

That’s right, it’s all Red!

An upgrade from your current candle sitting on your bed side table, these candles come in a variety of rich fabrics and tones.

Think glitter, velvet or lots of gloss – either way each finish has its own air of luxury.

Whether you’re looking for something small in stature or seriously supersized (like, a 760g level of supersized) you’ll find what you’re looking for with one of Monde’s favourite candle brands: Glasshouse.

White Christmas, $54.95, Glasshouse Fragrances

Reflections Copenhagen

When aiming for a home aesthetic of glamour and luxury, Art deco is often the style that comes to mind.

And Reflections Copenhagen’s crystal collection? Well, it may just be the perfect example of this.

Founded in 2015, the designers of the Denmark-born brand, Julie Hugau and Andrea Larson have simply created the perfect little treasures to gift your loved ones this coming holiday season.

Nailing the look of otherworldly geometric gems, their candles definitely aren’t in the theme of Christmas.

But they do fall in that niche, basic yet bougie gift giving category that everyone seems to love.

Seriously, if you’re stuck for ideas, this candle collection is the perfect solution. It’s functional artwork that acts as both a home fragrance and beautiful piece of home décor.

They say there’s no such thing as a perfect present. But I beg to differ, this might just be it.

Sofie Fig Hand-cut Crystal Candle, $910, Matches Fashion

Cire Trudon

All manufactured at the Trudon workshop in Normandy, these home fragrances come straight from the hands of the candle masters themselves.

Created with scent combinations like Christmas tree, spicy chocolate and chimney fire – these candles are the subtle take on the scents that remind you of celebrating the holidays at home.

And we know, when you first look at the candles in this collection, everything is golden and visually, quite decadent.

Decorated with gold foil and stencilled to achieve the vessels look, each candle is made to resemble the Versailles gates and the beauty of the iron works.

But don’t be fooled, the care taken when producing the packaging is only leading up to beauty that resides inside.

We can confidently say that this year, Trudon has nailed the essence of the festive season.

And with each candle’s burn time sitting at about 55-60 hours, you can celebrate the holidays after the Christmas period and well into the new year.

Ernesto Christmas Scented Candle 270g, $145, Selfridges


Founded in 2017 by Swedish artist and product developer Johan Bergelin, 19-69 has quickly become a cult favourite fragrance brand.

Known for their collection of candles and perfumes, the label has amassed quite the dedicated fan base and it’s not hard to see why.

Each scent is unique in that is inspired by a different time in culture, reminiscent of the creators own international travels.

The brand as a whole is almost unmatched. Varnished and screen-printed in Italy, each candle is handmade from raw ingredients resulting in a little character when it comes to each candle.

Now again, this particular collection isn’t exclusively in the “Christmassy” category.

But the gender-neutral scent profile and bright candle colourways means 19-69 has created a universal gift for any secret Santa.

Plus, the fragrance names consist of Chinese Tobacco, Rainbow Bar and Female Christ.

If the titles alone don’t make you curious enough to add these candles to your cart, I’m not sure what will.

Rainbow Bar Candle 6.7 oz, was $190 now $143, SSENSE


Diptyque‘s Holiday collection is a fragrance fanatics idea of perfection. And for that reason, don’t be surprised if you leave with more than you came for.

A refined flair of mimosas, pastries and pine trees.

This limited edition, Holiday collection is the perfect gift or personal treasure to keep and burn for the festivities of December.

And if you’ve never tried the brand before, you’ve come at the perfect time. They’ve got sample packs and gift giving trios to get you hooked.

Also, have you seen the packaging? So fabulous and oh so festive.

It’ll start off with the right intentions! A gift to give to your loved ones, waiting it’s turn to come out from under the Christmas tree. But trust us.

One look and you’ll be adding one more to the cart, and one more for under the tree.

To you, from you.

Biscuit Limited-edition Scented Candle 190g, $97, Selfridges