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Men of Style 17 November 2021

5 Brands Providing Funky Trunks for the Summer

Summer is on its way boys, it’s time you shop some swim.

So, you’ve heard it's hot girl summer? Well, though that might be true, we here at Monde haven’t forgotten about you boys too. There’s no better way to get the men into the same warm-weather spirit as us than to encourage them to spend a little bit of money on swim. We’ve selected the best from the men's brands that’ll make sure the boys look good outside, poolside, oceanside – whatever side really. Either way, these trunks are on-trend and hot to shop right now.

Words By Katelyn Kalafatis

Frescobol Carioca

Born on the beaches of Rio in 1945, Frescobol is a Brazilian beach bat game that ultimately inspired the creation of Frescobol Carioca, the luxury clothing line.

Established with the spirit of Rio de Janeiro in mind, Frescobol Carioca’s eye-catching range gives us a small glimpse into the true, ‘Carioca’ lifestyle. And if their funky trunks are any indication of Carioca life, I’d say we here at Monde feel right at home.

Refined fabrics in bold prints and bright colourways is a strong theme throughout the men’s swimwear line.

Made with laid-back prints and modest designs, the brand has perfected the more refined version of masculine spirit throughout its collection.

Coming in cool block hues and mosaic-like prints these swim trunks scream the mood of your next highly anticipated trip away.

Designed for the man who wants the perfect pair of versatile swimwear – we recommend making room in your travelling bags for this new purchase.

Frescobol Carioca Angra-print Recycled-fibre Swim Shorts, $285, Matches Fashion


Created in 1971 and born in Saint Tropez, Vilebrequin has established itself as the go-to Summer label for impeccably crafted swimwear.

Founded by husband-and-wife, Fred and Yvette Prysquel, Vilebrequin is a collaboration of fashion made for the whole family.

The brand is a product of joy, spirit and evidently a whole lot of love, available for the men in your life to shop and be a part of.

Ok, so although I would personally buy the brand for their love story alone – the label has also produced a men’s swimwear line that is extremely on-trend.

True to the heritage of 1970’s St Tropez, Vilebrequin creates swim in a range of vibrant and boisterous colours.

Cut, folded and assembled by hand – the grandeur of the swimwear stems from the day it’s designed to the time it’s manufactured.

Traditional, timeless yet extremely on-trend, Vilebrequin is a must-have brand to add to your current swimming-costume collection.

Vilebrequin Drawstring Swim Shorts, $160, Farfetch

MC2 Saint Barth

By just taking one look at this collection you’re probably going to see that this brand is not so subtle about its summer vibe.

Inspired by the colours of the Caribbean coastline, MC2 Saint Barth is all about bringing a little boldness to your warm-weather wardrobe.

Making their mark as staples for Summer, the collection of men’s swimwear is packed full of seaside creatures, tropical plants and ocean-inspired colours and patterns.

And if you ever feel a little stuck for choice when it comes to swim? Don’t worry, because this range really does say take-your-pick.

Slim cut in classic silhouettes, MC2 Saint Barth has the same pair of trunks in a plethora of colours and prints. So, the choice really is yours boys.

We bet after slipping on a pair of these trunks, you’ll get that hard-to-beat feeling that tells your body and mind, it’s the start of summer.

Mc2 Saint Barth Donald Duck Embroidered Swim Shorts, $223, Browns Fashion

Acne Studios

Created by Stockholm-based creative collective, Jonny Johansson: Acne Studio’s swimwear line is the epitome of men’s historical minimalism when it comes to swim.

Now we know, just because we wear swimwear in Summer, doesn’t mean we need to announce the seasons change through the palms and florals on our trunks.

We can be a little more subtle than that.

Acne’s creativity comes from its nuanced colourways and unexpected proportions.

Playing with scale and shade rather than the boldness of their prints, the brand’s swimwear line is perfect for the conservative man who still has a keen eye for fashion.

Staying true to the brands established aesthetics, the studio has released their Summer essentials in block colours and traditional silhouettes. Meaning, you’ll want one in every colour.

Cool, classic and easy on the eye – Acne has the perfect pair of trunks you’ll be proud to shamelessly re-wear every, single, summer.

Acne Studios Slim-Fit Mid-Length Logo-Appliquéd Swim Shorts, £100.84, Mr Porter


COMMAS is an Australian born menswear label that knows how to nail the feel of your next overseas vacay.

When it comes to Summer in 2021 we’re finally talking about international travel again!

And speaking of, you’ll be interested to know that Richard Jarman the designer behind COMMAS, sources his luxury textiles from Europe and Japan all awhile manufacturing at his home base in Sydney.

No wonder his collection is going global.

Made with the modern man in mind, COMMAS swimwear line subscribes to traditional cuts and artful illustrations.

The feminine colourways create an overarching feeling of calmness and tranquillity, which is a reoccurring aesthetic in the line.

Along with a light and airy colour palette, COMMAS takes hand-drawn artwork and turns the fabric into wearable fashion.

Ever so gently pushing the boundaries of masculine fashion – COMMAS has created the perfect range of swim, embodying that easy-breezy mood of your next and most highly anticipated seaside vacation.

COMMAS Jacquard Printed Swim Shorts, $325, Mytheresa