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On Our Radar 19 April 2021

5 Beauty Brands with Shade Inclusivity at the Helm

Not Just Fenty. The most Inclusive brands on the beauty market for a base.

The recently launched ‘Global Shades’ campaign by Adore Beauty has shone a very concerning light on the misrepresentation of shade diversity within the Australian Beauty Market. We know Rhianna’s Fenty Beauty brand is globally applauded for its shade offering, but what if you don’t want to shop Fenty? We’ve searched high and low for the most inclusive beauty brands when it comes to shades of base and are happy to report there is also a very inclusive price range offered too.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Maybelline New York

New York drug-store makeup institution Maybelline is not only one of the best fits bringing us luxury dupes, but also a very impressive shade library when it comes to base products.

The giant’s Fit Me Foundation comes in a whopping 36 shade offering which makes it one of the most inclusive foundations on the market, worldwide.

Not only are the shades diverse in terms of pigment range, but the low price point makes it such as an accessible product for those who aren’t able to fork out for Fenty prices.

The sheer, (pun intended), fact that Maybelline have one of the most impressive distributions of any beauty brand, also adds another argument of amazing accessibility, 129 countries to be exact.

This calibre of accessibility means that most young ones around the world, dabbling with makeup for the first time, will be able to invest in a brand that stock a shade that suits the colour of their skin perfectly. We cannot emphasise how important this is in terms of representation for the youth of colour!

All of this aside, the Fit Me foundation is also highly regarded as a beautiful finish, fabulous quality and an amazing value product. We are certainly here for it, well done Maybelline.

Maybelline Fit Me! Matte and Poreless Mattifying Liquid Foundation 30ml, $21.95, RY


When covering cult-status foundation products, one simply cannot bypass Estée Lauder’s Double Wear. Dubbed Australia’s favourite foundation, this full-coverage formula has recently been updated to include an offering of 60 shades.
Yep, 60 shades in Double Wear. We’re impressed too.

The award-winning Double Wear Formula offers a matte finish that holds a type of longevity that surpassed anything else on the market, boasting to last 24 hours. With buildable coverage and even an SPF 10 to help shield the skin from harmful UV rays, this stuff is heaven-sent. Perfect for events and diluted down for every day, if you haven’t Double Wear’d yet, where have you been?

The impressive shade offering from the French-born brand does not stop at Double Wear. You can expect to find an inclusive variety of pigment options with other base products like a tint, stick foundation and power variety. A fit and finish for almost every skin out there, we’re confident you’ll be just as besotted by Estée Lauder’s offering as us here at Monde.

Totally reclaiming the high-end market for inclusive foundation, Estée Lauder has yet again proved why they are leading the way in innovation and diversity. Bravo.

ESTÉE LAUDER Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10, $60, ESTÉE LAUDER

Make Up For Ever

The professional make-up brand born out of French giant LVMH, Make Up For Ever might not necessarily be on your radar yet, but we’re here to tell you it needs to be.

The brand’s purpose is to ‘help every woman embody who they really want to be each day’, which we think they’re actually serious about when looking at their very diverse shade offering.

The brands cult-status foundation Ultra HD is available in 45 shade variations. Coming in a little pricier than Double Wear, the formulation is certainly very different in comparison. The finish is a flawless, natural coverage which gives the illusion of untouched skin but in a perfected way.

Feeling like a second skin, this foundation is easily buildable to achieve your desired coverage. Not to mention perfect for most skin types and textures, Ultra HD is an amazing base for almost every skin out there.

Available at beauty retailers like Adore Beauty and Sephora, this best kept secret in artist-kit quality should be part of your daily routine immediately.

Created for professionals and used by you, Make Up For Ever are certainly making waves in the inclusive beauty space and helping to bring a vibrant confidence to skins all over the world.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Foundation 30ml, $67, Adore Beauty

Bobbi Brown

Claiming that inclusivity has always been their standard, Artist founded brand Bobbi Brown has been leading the way since their inception in 1991.

The prestigious beauty giant is dedicated to empowering its consumer base by giving them the tools and knowledge to bring out the best of their features. These days the narrative of Bobbi Brown is heavily based on the notion of highlighting the natural beauty of the face, and not completely changing the way it looks.

Promoting a strong theme of self-love, skin-powerment and shade diversity, we know that Bobbi Brown has been a pioneer in inclusive beauty and helped shape the way the industry is today.

Boasting base products that have been especially designed to look like skin, these foundations are meant to celebrate the skin beneath, rather than covering it up.

One of our favourite Bobbi Brown foundation products is the Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation. Available in a whopping 41 shades, this hardworking matte formula has a phenomenal hold that lasts up to 16 hours. Lightweight, breathable, comfortable and effortless, this is the perfect foundation for someone who likes a matte finish without the cakey effect.

Available in a range of shades that are expertly calibrated to skin’s undertones and with the ability to colour correct, we reckon you’ll be *adding to cart* in no time.

BOBBI BROWN Skin Long-wear Weightless Foundation SPF 15 Mini, $36, BOBBI BROWN

Milk Makeup

Now for the new kid on the block! Milk Makeup is marketed as being ‘every millennial’s little darling’ and we can see why.

Boasting core values of diversity, inclusivity, respect and freedom, the brands’ goal is to provide their consumer base with the tools to allow them to look whichever way they want. Whether glam is your jam or al-natural is your go-to, Milk have the products to get you there, no matter your gender, skin tone or age.

The New York outfit are all about self-expression and self-love. Milk’s offering of differently presented foundation products, in a wide variety of shades, allow each and every being to properly express themselves in the medium they prefer, and with the perfect match to their skin’s tone.

For those preferring a fuller coverage, we cannot recommend the Milk Flex Foundation Stick, enough.

This formula seamlessly becomes one with your skin thanks to elastic-mimicking ingredient marshmallow root extract. The stick format glides on for quick, mess-free application and leaves a beautiful full finish with moisturising complexes to avoid an unnatural appearance.

Boasting a complete product range that is vegan, cruelty and paraben free, this new makeup line is certainly ticking a lot of boxes for consumers.

MILK MAKEUP Flex Foundation Stick 10g, $55, Sephora