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30 August 2023

4 Scandinavian Brands that Deserve your Attention

Off the back of this month's Copenhagen Fashion Week, we thought it timely to shine a light on 4 Scandi Menswear brands that exude effortless cool.

Its true, design excellence and simplistic coolness are synonymous with those hailing from he handful of Scandinavian countries. Here are a handful of Swedish & Danish menswear brands that, if they're not yet, need to be on your radar.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Acne Studios

One of the highly regarded, most prolific Scandinavian brands to grace the global fashion world is Acne Studios. Born out of Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, way back in 1996, known back then as simple ‘ACNE’, the multidisciplinary label was created by Jonny Johansson. Since it’s inception, Acne Studios has been a creative tunnel for Johansson to fuse his love for photography, art, architecture and contemporary culture.

Always existing as a contemporary fashion house with an alternative path, Acne Studios is a well respected creator of both Mens and Women’s ready-to-wear, and at times furniture, books and exhibitions. Acne Studios has been showing at both Men & Women’s iterations of Paris Fashion Week for over a decade, with notable friends of the brand being Beyoncé & Solange Knowles, Olivia Wilde & Hailey Bieber.

The Acne Studios of today is a realisation of Johansson’s knack for exquisite crasftmanship juxtapositioned with an inherent unconventional approach. The brand expertly fuses exceptional design, fabrications and attention to detail with an eclectic use of bespoke prints, androgynous silhouettes and innovative detailing.  The brand sits in the high-end category, so come along with a high-end investment.

When it comes to Acne Studio’s bread and butter, it is undoubtedly their offering of tailoring and quintessential leather accessories, like the Logo-embossed rubber tote bag.

Acne Studios Logo-embossed Rubber Tote Bag, $616, Matches Fashion


Another contemporary brand coming out of Sweden is COS. Part of the H&M Group magnate, COS is differentiated from it’s sister brands, H&M, Monki, & Other Stories & Arket as ‘creating contemporary minimalist collections for mid-range prices’ for women and men. The name itself comes from an abbreviation of ‘Collection of Style’ and the brand dates back to 2007.

Unlike it’s fast-fashion sister brand H&M, COS offers a design ethos that is more in line with a ‘slow fashion’ sensibility. With a focus on craftsmanship and commitment to using eco friendly materials, COS’s offering of clothing, accessories and footwear exists outside of the boundaries of popular trends. The brand nails mid-range wardrobe staples with a contemporary, Scandinavian edge.

Expect timeless silhouettes such as trousers, trench-coats and loafers, all created in premium fabrications sitting at about a 3rd of the price of Acne Studios.

Inspired by art and design, collection of COS’s menswear is a triumph in everyday essentials with a cool-guy edge. For example the Twite Co Trousers are a modern take on a classic silhouette, in a zesty colour for spring. Pair it back with the Crane Linen Short Sleeve Shirt for a contemporary look that could easily be worn in the office, or out to drinks on a Saturday night.

COS Crane Linen Short Sleeve Shirt, $115, The Iconic

Norse Projects

A Scandi brand you may not yet be familiar with is Norse Projects. Hailing from the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark, Norse Projects has been creating men’s contemporary wear since 2009. Born initially as a streetwear brand associated with skateboarding, the brand has now evolved into a well regarded hub where streetwear, classic workwear and high-end fashion all marry beautifully together, under the guidance of Creative Director, Tobia Sloth.

Since 2009, Norse Projects has launched a line of women’s clothing and has a beyond impressive list of collaborations under their belt. Vans, Doc Martens, Adidas and New Balance have all lent their brand names to Norse for collaborative projects that all evolved into innovative and exceptionally cool capsule collections.

Known best for good design and functionality, Norse Projects creates timeless wardrobe staples with a Nordic sensibility. Its clear that every piece of clothing and accessory and has been considered with an emphasis of relevance relating to the Danish environment and culture.

Two standout pieces, that we think, exude the proud Nordic thread woven throughout the brand is the Brown Manfred Vest and Off-White Eco-Dye Bucket Hat.

Norse Projects Brown Manfred Vest, $340, SSENSE


Transporting you back to Sweden, CDLP is a revolutionary Swedish brand committed to making men’s undergarments that are both sartorially stylish and more environmentally sustainable than their counterparts.

Back in 2016, the two men behind CDLP, Christian Larson and Andreas Palm, set a new standard in the men’s undies market thanks to creating products with an innovative material, Lyocell. Lyocell, created with yarns of wood pulp rather than cotton or plastic/polyester, offers a silky soft hand-feel, anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties as well as a breathability that it’s competitors could not. Thanks to the successful reception of Lyocell, CDLP was born.

Today, CDLP offers a range of luxury underwear, undergarments and pyjamas, in a myriad of innovative materials that support a man’s everyday quest for comfort. Built on the principles of comfort, quality and functionality, which seem to be a common through through Scandinavian design sensibilities, each CDLP has been built to outlast trend and outlast essentials created anywhere else.

A fantastic place to dip your toe into the CDLP pond is with a Pack of three lyocell-blend briefs, did we mention these posh undies would make the perfect Father’s Day gift?

CDLP Short-sleeve Lyocell Shirt, $385, Farfetch