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Get the Look 22 February 2021

14 Affordable Sunglasses Brands You Need to Know About

Check out some of the most affordable eyewear brands that you need to know (and are guaranteed to love) before the end of this summer.

On-trend sunglasses for this season may just be ones you’ve seen before. Reshaped and redesigned for SS2021, Monde encourages you to look at some of the most affordable eyewear options out there - inspired by some of fashion’s more favourable moments.

Words By Katelyn Kalafatis


Australian label Quay (pronounced Key) was born roadside on the Australian festival circuit. Embodying all that comes with festival wear, these shades have been created to soak up the good vibes and allow all the ability to self-express in a bold and trendy way.

With a rich and impressive collaboration history under its belt, the Aussie brand has been catapulted onto the international stage. Teaming up with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner and most recently, Lizzo, Quay is making it possible to buy into some of your fave celebrity’s style, all at a very reasonable price.

Encapsulating everything fun and wild for the summer, these show-stopping sunglasses are meant for stylish yet budget-conscious buyers. With a very expansive range, there is certainly something for every face shape, gender, occasion and mood!

Shop Quay Australia’s full collection here.

Quay Stop and Stare Twist, was $75 now $49, Quay


“A collection designed for the girl who evokes meaning, feeling and a response in the style she wears.”

Designed for the design-led, minimalist, Shevoke is another Aussie label creating magic within the accessible sunglasses market.

With a more refined and paired back aesthetic, Shevoke’s palette is anchored in earthy tones, classic shapes and occasionally, some seasonal pop-hues.

Born out of the coastal metropolis that is Sydney, this female-led label is all about effortless chic shades for the beach, bar or whatever the Shevoke female desires.

Loved by the influential all over the world, some being Kaia Gerber, Romee Strijd, Rocky Barnes and Josefine Hj, Shevoke is certainly sitting pretty on the faces of those appreciating quality and contemporary sunglasses.

Nineties inspired with a modern twist, Shevoke’ Norm Sunglasses are the perfect shape and colour to be your handbags new favourite companion.

Shevoke Norm Sunglasses Black, $129, General Pants

Le Specs

Australian sunglasses institution Le Specs has been pioneering the affordable sunnies market since 1979. Known best for their innovative designs and French riviera-like branding, these guys should be at the forefront of mind when it comes to the ultimate summer eye-accessory.

As with most other sunglasses labels, Le Specs is also well-versed in the collaborative space. Reining true to their slightly left-of-centre approach, the brand has teamed up with numerous daring and exhilarating creatives for their spin on sunglass designs. With names such as Adam Selman, Craig and Karl, House of Holland and Jordan Askill under their belt, its no wonder they often release collaborative collections.

For the shopper who is fashion-forward and wants to make the ultimate statement, shop this heavenly Le Specs collab with Christian Cowan. This particular pair below is guaranteed to catch compliments from every one, no matter where you are on the globe.

Le Specs Watch Out Christian Cowan x Le Specs, $129, The Iconic

Sunday Somewhere

Born under the Australian Sun, Sunday Somewhere is an affordable eyewear label that is all about living in the moment.

Designed to allow the wearer (male or female) to truly immerse themselves in self-expression and their individual style. This translates to the brand committing to a vast variety of shapes, colours and forms when it comes to the humble pair of sunglasses.

Boasting high-quality construction and a global presence, you can trust Sunday Somewhere to be front of mind when considering a new sunglass purchase.

With the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Cara Delevingne and a myriad of other A-list celebrities jumping aboard the hype,  you should be confident in the relevance of these frames.

The Yetti sunglasses are everything you need to prolong the feeling of this year’s final summer. With a blue, stainless steel frame and gold accents to finish, these sunglasses give that little more to your classic take on your favourite rounded pair of warm weather specs.
Shop below.

Sunday Somewhere Yetti Duo, $337, Sunday Somewhere


Hailing from Chicago Illinois, Freyrs Sunglasses boast affordability with no compromise on style.

When it comes to protecting the eyes, it’s important to understand why blocking out the harmful rays of the sun is integral. All Freyrs lenses have both UVA and UBV protection, meaning its wearer is properly shielded from the sun.

With fast worldwide shipping and a money-back guarantee, all fashion-forward females around the globe can experience a slice of Freyrs with ease.

There truly is no such thing as too many sunglasses. Likewise, the team at Monde believe there is no pair with a lens too large.

In this case, bigger really is better. Freyrs Cosmo sunglasses are the perfect pair of sunglasses that won’t make you feel or look anything less than completely and utterly fabulous.

Explore the collection here, and fall in love with this top-quality brand out of the US.

Freyrs Cosmo, $75, Freyrs


BP is Nordstrom’s own affordable sunglasses brand that seeks to fill the gap in the department store’s offering.

With no faults to be made when it comes to the quality, buyers are able to invest in styles inspired by designer frames at a fraction of the purchase price. Perfect for those who may only be intending to wear them to a certain event, or who are looking to add to a collection full of rotation shades.

Certainly trend-based, this line is versatile enough for many types of moods and face shapes!

In a tortoiseshell colourway, these sunglasses from Nordstrom provide a modern flat profile that is made to sit pretty on the tip of your nose.

Sure, they won’t do the greatest job of blocking out the sun, but for $20 these micro sunnies will elevate any outfit in a majorly chic way.

BP 52mm Oval Sunglasses, $20.34, Nordstrom

Kendalll + Kylie

With two names that certainly need no introduction, the accessories arm of the KENDALL + KYLIE brand is just as trend-focused and edgy as the celebrities themselves.

Created by the beloved American style icons and fashion authorities, the two youngest of the Kardashian Klan are certainly no novices when it comes to designing sunglasses that marry seamlessly with their Californian lifestyle brand.

The KENDALL + KYLIE eyewear collection is simple, on-trend and seriously ooze Coachella vibes. For a festival or for every day, the sunglasses offering from these two incredibly relevant icons does not disappoint.

With an almost transparent lens, these sunglasses may not hold up their insinuation of sun protection – however, they are guaranteed to become a valuable staple added to your accessory collection.

Whether these live on the bridge of your nose or on the crown of your head, these metal-plated sunglasses take summer style to the next level.

Kendall + Kylie Helene, $79.90, The Iconic

ASOS Design

For those of you looking for options, you mustn’t look further than the multi-branded utopia, ASOS.

Boasting an almost obscene number of sunglasses to choose from, the hardest task will certainly be trying to narrow down your decision to just a few pairs.

And, like most from their in-house collection, price points are very accessible.

The ASOS Design collection is certainly geared towards those who are privy to what’s trending and those not afraid to take some risks.

For those who are bored with the seasonal basics, we present to you a bold and square-shaped option.

Sunglasses wrapped in tiger may just be the concoction we never needed. 90’s inspired, fashionable and incredibly affordable – achieve maximum summer glamour with ASOS’s latest designs.

With a plethora of designs, shapes and colours to choose from, you’d be silly not to have a look at ASOS DESIGN’s full sunglass offering. Check it out here.

ASOS DESIGN 90s Square Sunglasses in Tiger Print, $24, ASOS

Jeepers Peepers

If fun is what you’re after then look no further than sunglass label, Jeepers Peepers. This UK born brand is making waves in the affordable eyewear scene thanks to eclectic and eccentric designs.

Featuring coloured lenses, super funky shapes and some teeny tiny proportions, these sunglasses are certainly designed to be worn to a festival or somewhere fun.

Available through favourite multi0branded retailer ASOS, the designs of Jeepers Peepers are easily accessible from anywhere around the world.

With a green and yellow gradient lens, these butterfly sunglasses from Jeepers Peepers let us live in a fashion world where the epitome of everything considered 70’s style is modernised.

Square shaped with a slight cat-eye edge, these gold-plated sunnies are every woman’s dream pair of face-flattering eyewear.

Shop fun sunnies chez Jeepers Peepers and let the games begin.

Jeepers Peepers Butterfly Sunglasses in Gold with Lens Cut Out Detail, was $50 now $16.20, ASOS

Lyndon Leone

Born out of the uber influential design district of Miami, Lyndon Leone draws its inspiration from the art and culture of the city that hosts the Art Basel. An independent label designed in Downtown Miami, making some of the most impressive contemporary sunglass designs at an accessible price point.

Totally putting their stamp on the acetate and metal frame, the guys at Lyndon Leone have truly captured the vibrancy of Miami within these designs.

Readily available at US retailer Shopbop, the world now has the opportunity to buy into the Lyndon Leone world and everything that comes with it.

Hitting that sweet spot between oversized and petite, these fabulous frames from Lyndon Leone act as the perfect outfit topper for any occasion.

Rectangular and sleek, this particular style of sunglasses is the understated yet bold pair you’ve been waiting for. We encourage you – make room in your accessory wardrobe for this one, they won’t disappoint.

Lyndon Leone Washington Sunglasses, $76.25, Shopbop


Founded out of the US about a decade ago by a couple of eyewear enthusiasts, zeroUV has become a lifestyle brand for those with a penchant for trendy sunglasses.

With the purpose to bring high-end eyewear trends to those wishing to purchase at a fraction of the cost, zeroUV is inspired by the big brands but totally put their own spin on every design.

Just as the name suggests, all lenses from the brand come with 100% UV protection which means your eyes will be shaded from the harm of the sun.

To all the fashion fanatics who get a real kick out of reinventing past trends, we suggest you look no further than zeroUV’s Retro Cat-Eye sunnies.

The exaggerated cat-eye shape is perfectly combined with wearable neutral lenses. Plus, these babies are reinforced with those 100% UV protected lenses mentioned earlier, which mean you’ll be keeping your eyes safe from the sun.

zeroUV Retro Thin Neutral Colored Lens Cat Eye Sunglasses C734, $12.69, zeroUV

Skinny Dip London

UK budget store SkinnyDip is the perfect place to seek an inexpensive, fun pair of sunglasses. The brand original born from the production of iPhone cases, these guys know accessories and know them very well.

Created with a whole lot of attitude and whimsicalness, this brand is perfectly suited to those who are still a little bit of a kid at heart.

With past collaborations with the likes of The Simpsons, Disney, SpongeBob and many more, it’s clear that fun and childhood nostalgia is at the heart of the design process at SkinnyDip London.

Round, oval, cat eye and square-shaped sunnies are no match for this navy and gold diamond pair of eyewear from SkinnyDip London.

Upgrade your sunnies this Summer to ensure they are the ultimate statement of your individual style. No other warm-weather accessory will make you look or feel quite this chic.

Skinny Dip London Navy Diamond Sunglasses, was £16 now £4.00, Skinny Dip London


One of our personal favourites when it comes to affordable eyewear, A. Kjærbede is a beautiful exploration of immaculate danish simplicity.

Built on the design principles to combine good quality with thought-out purpose and price accessibility, head designer Adam Geertsen challenges the notion that price and quality need to be linked.

Best described as a less-is-more approach when it comes to the release of collections, the team at A. Kjærbe release only one capsule per year. One totally considered and beautiful collection might we add.

Prioritising quality shouldn’t always mean paying a small fortune in fashion. Trust us, there’s no need for a designer price tag for these ones – A.Kjaerbede’s rounded sunglasses in green tort are the simple sunglasses that you’ve been unknowingly lusting for.

Made well for a better price, these frames are fit for faces of all shapes and sizes. We think they’re beautiful and hope you do too.

A.Kjaerbede Round Sunglasses in Green Tort, was $56 now $23.55, ASOS

Dime Optics

Independent cool kid brand from the streets of Los Angeles, Dime is certainly making waves within the millennial sunglasses space.

Like any great brand born out of the last decade, Dime has not missed out on the collaborative collection avenue. Recently releasing a capsule co-designed with Beauty Blogger and TV personality Bretman Rock, the Dime team have seen great success in catapulting their brand onto the world stage.

With pieces starting at a reasonable $30, these guys are not mucking around when it comes to producing a quality product that everyone can enjoy.

The shape of these sunglasses is a modern woman’s summer dream. Coming in a vibrant, neon orange colourway this collab between Bretman Rock and Revolve will put all your past sunglasses to shame.

Keep the colours of summer prevalent in everything you wear this season and kick it off with a completely polarizing pair.

Shop now and thank us later.

Dime Optics x Bretman Rock x REVOLVE 444, $41.93, Revolve